MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

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MBBS in Ukraine
MBBS in Ukraine

Shobhit Jayaswal having an interaction with students at the hostel of Vinnitsa National Medical University regarding MBBS in Ukraine:

MBBS in Ukraine continues to be the first choice for most students in India. An estimated 5,000+ Indian students went to study MBBS from Ukraine in the 2019 session. All the universities in Ukraine are imparting education in English-medium at a reasonable fee, which is the biggest reason for selecting MBBS in Ukraine.

Facts about studying MBBS from Ukraine:

Duration5.8 years
Medium of InstructionEnglish medium for full course
Do I need to learn the local language?Yes, the university will give classes for the local language from the 1st year itself.
ClimateThe temperature will be below 0° in December, January and February and between 5° to 25° during the rest of the year.
MCI recognised universitesYes
Type of UniversitiesBoth Government and Private
Tuition FeeBetween USD 3,500 - 5,000 per year
Eligibility for AdmissionCheck University Wise Eligibility
IELTS/GMAT/TOEFL requirementNo
Dominant ReligionChristianity
Degree NameMD (Physician) equivalent to MBBS in India
Average Class Size12-15 students
Do I need to qualify NEET for MBBS in Ukraine?Yes, qualifying NEET is mandatory for MBBS from Ukraine admission.

About MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine has been a popular choice among Indian students for studying MBBS in abroad. This is proved by the data from Ukraine’s Ministry of Education, Ukraine welcomes more than 66,000 international students from 145+ countries every year. In 2018, an estimated 5,000+ Indian students took admission to study MBBS Ukraine. In 2020, it is expected that about 5,000 Indian students will choose to take MBBS admission in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine 2020: MBBS from Ukraine is set to be the no. 1 destination for Indian students in 2020. There are about 15,000 Indian students in Ukraine and most of them are studying MBBS.

MBBS from Ukraine is known for:

  • Internationally recognised scientific achievements, quality Higher Education Institutions and effective teaching methods.
  • In comparison with other European countries, the price of education in Ukraine is much lower.
  • According to Expat Insider 2016, Ukraine was the most affordable country in terms of living expenses and second best in terms of personal financial satisfaction.
  • All the foreign citizens who come to Ukraine have the same rights, freedoms and obligations as citizens of Ukraine.
mbbs in ukraine
India has the highest number of students in Ukraine.

About Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Central and Eastern Europe. It is the largest country entirely within the European continent. Ukraine borders the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Moldova.

The country is one of the world’s largest grain exporters. It is known as the global breadbasket of Europe. In addition to this, Ukraine’s developed and diversified economy includes a large heavy industry sector, particularly in industrial equipment and aerospace.

MBBS from Ukraine is amongst the best options for MBBS abroad for Indian students.

MBBS in Ukraine review for Indian students:

Official LanguageUkrainian
CurrencyUkrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Exchange Rate₹2.87 = 1 Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Population4.48 crore
Time Difference from India-2.30 hours from India during summer &
-3.30 hours from India during winters
Travel time from Delhi to Kiev, Ukraine7-8 hours direct flight
MBBS in Ukraine Tuition FeesBetween US $ 3,500 to 5,000
Type of collegesBoth Private and Government
Duration5.8 years
Medium of InstructionEnglish, students will be taught the local language.
ReligionOrthodox Christianity

Religion in Ukraine

Many parents and students have misconceptions about the dominant religion followed in Ukraine. Of the Ukrainian population, about:

81.9% were Christians, which is the dominant religion in Ukraine-

  • Out of which 65.4% declared to be Orthodox,
  • 7.1% simply Christians,
  • 6.5% Greek Rite Catholics, and
  • 1.9% Protestants.

1.1% were Muslims and 1.0% Latin Rite Catholics. Judaism and Hinduism were the religions of 0.2% of the population each. In addition to this, 16.3% of the population did not identify in one of those listed above.

MBBS in Ukraine Eligibility for Indian Students

MBBS in Ukraine eligibility for Indian students:

MBBS in Ukraine eligibilty is different for different universities for Indian students. You can check the eligibility of different universities for Ukraine MBBS. However, the variation is not much and the basic eligibility criteria for studying MBBS from Ukraine stays the same. MBBS in Ukraine eligibility is low when compared to countries such as USA, UK, Australia. You need to check the age criteria which is going to be the same for every medical university, you also need to check the percentage criteria. There is an entrance exam at every medical university in Ukraine but is just a formality and no preparation is required for this exam.

Following is the minimum MBBS in Ukraine eligibility criteria for Indian students-

Entrance Exam in IndiaThere is no entrance exam in India like IELTS/SAT, etc. NEET qualification is must.
AgeThe student must be at least 17 years old as on 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken.
BoardThe candidate must have completed class 12th from a regular and recognised board.
Marks for General Category studentsThe student must have an aggregate of at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject.
Marks for Other Category studentsThe candidate must have an aggregate of at least 40% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject.
NoteSome universities will require a higher percentage in class 12th.
NEETYou need to qualify NEET from 2018 onwards for admission in abroad.

Is NEET required for taking admission in Ukraine for MBBS?

Yes, qualifying NEET is required for studying MBBS in Ukraine. You cannot get admission in any MCI recognised college in Ukraine without qualifying NEET.

I want to settle outside after MBBS from Ukraine, is NEET still required?

Yes, qualifying NEET is still required for MBBS admission in Ukraine as without the NEET result, none of the universities will issue the admission letter.

Syllabus of MBBS in Ukraine

Global Medical Foundation has listed down the year wise syllabus of MBBS in Ukraine. The syllabus of all the universities remaind the same. There is no difference in the syllabus of any two universities. However, the system of teaching Indian students is better in some universities than others and for this reason, the MCI Screening test passing percentage of Ukraine universities is higher for some of the universities. Both theoritical and practical aspects are covered in the syllabus of MBBS in Ukraine.

Teaching Pattern in Ukraine

Class Size & Timing –

  • Group size: 12-14 students
  • Seminar: 20-30 students
  • Lecture: 100 – 150 students
  • Each class is of 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 5 days a week (Saturday and Sunday off)

Language Requirements for educational staff –

  • Minimum B2 level of English proficiency is required

Study Pattern:

MBBS in Ukraine study pattern
MBBS in Ukraine study pattern

Module System (Anatomy example) –

Module 1 – Osteology, arthrology, myology = 200 points +
Module 2 – Splanchnology = 200 points +
Module 3 – Neurology = 200 points +
Module 4 – Cardiovascular = 200 points =

Module – 200 points which includes: 120 points – Class marks (each class student will be asked a question) 80 points – Written paper • Questions come only out of the module (block of information)

MBBS in Ukraine Module System
MBBS in Ukraine Module System

Grading System –

  • 180 – 200 – A
  • 164 – 179 – B
  • 148 – 163 – C
  • 128 – 147 – D
  • 120 – 127 – E – Passed with min credit
  • 90 – 119 – Fx – Unsatisfactory – EXAM Required
  • 0 – 89 – F – Failed

If average marks is above 175, it will be easy to pass KROK, USMLE, MCI, PLAB without additional coaching!

MCI Ranking of medical colleges in Ukraine

Check the MCI Ranking of medical colleges in Ukraine from 2012-18. This means that you can check the MCI Screening Test passing percentage from different universities in Ukraine from 2012-18. This will give you an idea of the best performing medical universities in Ukraine. Furthermore, you will also find the rating of these colleges in Ukraine as per Global Medical Foundation.

MBBS in Ukraine Duration

What is the total MBBS in Ukraine duration?

The total MBBS in Ukraine Duration is 5.8 years officially. However, you will find MBBS in Ukraine duration mentioned as 6 years at most places.

The complete MBBS in Ukraine duration is 5.8 years including the clinical training or observership which is done in Ukraine. Most of the European countries have a course duration of 5.8 years. After this, the student can come to India and sit for the exit/screening test and do his or her internship in India or can sit for any other exam such as USMLE or PLAB.

MBBS Course Structure in Ukraine

The first 3 years of Ukraine MBBS is the non-clinical phase whereas, after that, the primary focus is on developing the clinical skills along with the theoretical knowledge of the students. After this, the clinical phase starts. During clinical or the last 3 years, the students will have regular hospital visits where they gain theoretical and practical exposure. The doctors in these hospitals also act as teachers and provide the required theoretical knowledge to the students.

How much does it cost to do MBBS in Ukraine?

Let’s check which university which requires the lowest budget for studying MBBS in Ukraine. We will take into account the following things:

  1. tuition fees
  2. one-time charges payable to the university in the 1st year
  3. hostel fees
  4. mess charges
  5. travel cost from Ukraine to Delhi and vice versa once every year
  6. medical insurance
  7. screening test coaching at the university campus by Indian doctors

We will calculate the overall budget of Bukovinain State Medical University as it the university with the lowest budget in Ukraine.

Budget for the 1st year at Bukovinain State Medical University:

  • Tuition fee + hostel fee + one-time charges = US $ 6,950 (INR 4,86,500)
  • Mess fee = US $ 950 (INR 66,500)
  • Travel from Delhi to Chernivtsi = Approx. INR 35,000/-
  • Screening test coaching = INR 25,000 for 1st year (total payable INR 1,25,000)

Total in INR = INR 6,13,000/- for the 1st year.

Budget from 2nd year-6th year at Bukovinain State Medical University:

  • Tuition fee = US $ 3,900 (INR 2,73,000)
  • Hostel fee = US $ 430 (INR 30,100)
  • Mess fee = US $ 950 (INR 66,500)
  • Medical Insurance = US $ 100 (INR 7,000)
  • Travel from Chernivtsi to Delhi and vice versa = Approx. INR 45,000/-
  • Screening test coaching = INR 20,000 per year from 2nd year onwards (total payable INR 1,25,000)

Total in INR = INR 4,41,600/- per year from 2nd year onwards.

Grand total for Bukovinain State Medical University = INR 28,21,000/-. Admission charges extra payable in India to Global Medical Foundation in the 1st year. This is the minimum budget required to study MBBS in Ukraine.

How agents misguide students and parents?

This is the university with the lowest budget and we have included all the things that are needed to be taken into account. Many agents will tell you that the budget is INR 14-15 lakh or only INR 20 lakh. These are lies and these agents give you incomplete information. You cannot complete MBBS from Ukraine within a budget of INR 20 lakh. If any agent tells you that the budget is INR 15-20 lakh then they are either telling you the tuiton fees only or they are telling you the budget including tuition and hostel fees. This is incomplete information. The minimum you should ask about the university is the total budget including fees + hostel and mess.

MBBS in Ukraine Medium of Instruction

What is the medium of instruction while studying MBBS in Ukraine?

Language while studying MBBS from Ukraine: English medium for 6 years. All your studies, books, exams, etc., will be in the English language. All the MCI recognised medical universities in Ukraine teach in English-medium.

Do I have to learn the local language while studying MBBS from Ukraine?

Yes, you are required to learn the local language. There is no additional cost of this as the local language is taught as a part of the curriculum. The classes for local language starts from the 1st year.

Why is it necessary to learn the local language?

Learning the local language is necessary because it will be required for clinical practice as you will interact with the patients and it will help you in day to day activities.

MBBS in Ukraine Advantages

What are the advantages of studying MBBS from Ukraine?

There are many advantages of studying MBBS from Ukraine. Some of the top advantages are as follow:


The tuition fee for MBBS from Ukraine is between USD 3,500-5,000 which means that the total tuition fee starts from ₹14.70 lakh.


You don’t have to sit for exams such as IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/SAT etc. for MBBS admission in Ukraine. You have to qualify NEET for abroad.


Indian students are eligible to apply for International Licensing Exams such as USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), etc after graduation from Ukraine.


GMF will provide on campus support for the full stay of the student in Ukraine. GMF officials also visit Ukraine every year. We provide guardianship in Ukraine.


Ukraine has a higher FMGE passing percentage than China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Belize and Romania.


Ukraine is a part of the Bologna Process, which ensures comparability of the standards and quality of higher education qualifications


Tuition fee can be paid semester wise. You have to pay the fee at the university in Ukraine and not to any agent/consultant in India.


Indian mess is available in almost every university which serves both veg and non-veg food to the Indian students.


Ukraine provides good quality education in English-medium at a reasonable fee in government medical universities.


There are many top-500 ranked universities in Ukraine such as V.N.Karazin Kharkiv NMU and Taras Schvenko NMU.


The medium of instruction for full 6-years is English. You will also be taught the local language which is necessary during your clinical.


Students will get FMGE or MCI Screening Test coaching by Indian teachers at the university campus in Ukraine.


Most of universities in Ukraine for MBBS are government regulated and most of them are about 150-250 years old.


The degree after studying MBBS from Ukraine – MD Physician is recognised by most countries including by the US, UK, Canada, India.


The teacher to student ratio while studying MBBS from Ukraine is 1:15 or less – Small class size ensures that each student gets adequate attention.


One of the biggest advantages of studying in Ukraine is the presence and support of Indian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukraine MBBS Disadvantages

In recent years, studying MBBS from Ukraine has been the No.1 choice of Indian students. While there are many advantages which makes Ukraine the preferred choice of so many students, it certainly is not without any shortcomings, yes, there are disadvantages of studying MBBS from Ukraine. Most of the Ukraine MBBS disadvantages arise when the student fails to adjust to the new place.

Check Ukraine MBBS disadvantages.

MBBS in Ukraine Universities

The are 4 types of universities in Ukraine. You must know about all the types of universities in Ukraine, these are –

  • Government universities- 1) National level, 2) State level
  • Private universities
  • Academy level

There are few private universities for MBBS Ukraine. The most popular one is the Kyiv Medical University, previously known as Kyiv Medical University of UAFM.

Most of the universities are government universities for MBBS Ukraine. These are segregated into two categories – National & State. National level universities are generally considered more prestigious. Some of the top medical universities in Ukraine are –

Here is the complete list of MCI recognsised MBBS in Ukraine universities:

Is Ukraine MBBS Valid in India?

A lot of parents ask this question in the counselling sessions: ‘Is Ukraine MBBS valid in India?’ and the answer is Yes, Ukraine MBBS is valid in India.

If a student completes medicine in Ukraine from an MCI Recognised University, then he or she, as per Medical Council of India rules, will be allowed to appear for FMGE or MCI screening test (soon will be NEXT). You need to clear this exam in order to practice in India. Once you clear the screening test, your Ukraine MBBS is valid in India. You will get a license to practice in India. In 2012-18, the university from which the highest percentage of students cleared this exam is Bukovinian State Medical University.

This examination is conducted twice in a year & there is no cap for appearing in this examination nor is there any age limit. This test is soon expected to be replaced by National Exit Test or NEXT which will be a common licensing exam for students who study in abroad and also in India.

Embassy of India in Kyiv, Ukraine

Indian students studying MBBS in Ukraine are provided support by the Embassy of India which is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The ambassador of India in Ukraine visits all the medical universities from time to time and are in regular contact with the students and consultants.

The Embassy of India in Ukraine is continuously looking after the welfare of the students in all the medical universities. In case any student has any problem with visa or if any student loses his/her passport, then the Embassy helps them. Having the Embassy of India in Ukraine is of a great advantage to the students who wish to study MBBS from Ukraine.

After MBBS from Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is a great career choice as it gives many options to students graduating from these Universities. After MBBS from Ukraine, a student will have the following options:

Option 1: The most taken option is to come back to India and apply for FMGE or the MCI Screening Test as it is commonly known as. Prepare for this exam, clear this exam and get the registration number from the MCI for medical practice in India.

Option 2: After completing your degree in Ukraine, you can explore the opportunities in Ukraine itself and go for PG also, and settle in Ukraine. You can also look for work in EU nations. You need not appear for any other exam to work in most of the countries in Europe provided that you learn the local language and clear its tests. One of the most popular choices is PG in Germany.

Option 3: While studying, you can apply for USMLE Step 1 in case you want to settle down or practice in the United States. USMLE has 3 steps and those who clear all the 3 steps and get Permanent Registration from the medical council of the USA can practice there. PLAB, which is the licensing exam of the UK is another popular choice of students. Students can also go for PG in Australia, Canada, New Zeland.

MBBS in Ukraine Admission

Admission for MBBS in Ukraine starts in April for the students who have cleared NEET in the previous years (NEET result is valid for 3 years for abroad admission). For the students who are appearing for NEET in the current year, they can apply for admission letter as soon as they appear for NEET. For applying to any of the universities in Ukraine, you need to get in touch with Global Medical Foundation as we are the official/authorised representative of most of the universities. The helpline number is 9999404348.

The admission letter from Vinnytsia National Medical University starts to be issued in the month of June.

The students who have qualified NEET and are eligible will be issued admission letters. Scan copy of the following documents are required for admission letter:

  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • valid id proof (Aadhar card or passport)
  • NEET qualified result

Once this is done, the next step is to apply for an invitation letter and visa. The student must have a passport for getting an invitation letter. Global Medical Foundation will provide the students with a list of documents which will be required for getting a visa. We will get invitation letter issued and visa formalities done. All the rest of the formalities will be conveyed and done through our help.

The admission generally closes around 15th October and the last date to reach at the university is 31st October.

There is the winter intake also for those who missed securing a seat in Ukraine in the September-October intake. The admission for the winter intake starts in November and the students will leave by end of February.

Check the complete admission process for MBBS in Ukraine followed in India here:

Why Global Medical Foundation for MBBS in Ukraine?

Global Medical Foundation's Services for MBBS in Ukraine

  • Free Counselling for admission in Best University for studying MBBS in Ukraine
  • Getting admission and invitation letter from the University selected by the student
  • Payment of Visa fees to the Embassy of Ukraine in India and completing admission and Visa process including MEA, Apostel, etc.
  • 100% Visa success rate with 0 rejections.
  • Completion of entire admission process in India
  • Sending all the students in a group from India to Ukraine
  • Completion of entire admission process in Ukraine
  • Providing airport pick-up in Ukraine
  • Help in getting foreign exchange from India
  • Arranging transportation from Airport in Ukraine to the University selected by the student
  • Providing Indian meal on arrival and providing student’s the opportunity to connect with their parents through phone
  • 6 Year assistance/on-campus support in Ukraine.
  • MCI Screening Test/FMGE study material worth ₹1,00,000 for free to students.
  • Free Lab coat and bag to the students
  • GMF has sent 200+ students for MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine Scholarship

The truth is that there is no scholarship to study MBBS in Ukraine from the side of the government or any NGO. By definition, scholarship means –  “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement”. For most people, scholarship would mean relaxation of a significant part of the fees, this is unfortunately not possible. Either the parents of the students will finance their studies or you will require education loan.

However, Global Medical Foundation is providing a small scholarship to the students who wish to study MBBS in Ukraine.

A small benefit is possible for students who wish to study at Bukovinian State Medical University, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University, Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv Medical University, Ternopil National Medical University, Uzzhorod National University, Poltava State Medical University. A scholarship of up to INR 35,000 is available to the students on the basis of their NEET result. MBBS in Ukraine Scholarship by Global Medical Foundation:

University/Scholarship ->350+ Marks in NEET400+ Marks in NEET450+ Marks in NEET500+ Marks in NEET
Bukovinian State Medical UniversityBooks ₹5,000 (1st Year)Medical Insurance ₹7,000 (1st Year)Hostel ₹15,000 (1 semester)Indian food ₹35,000 (1 semester)
Uzhhorod National Medical University₹15,000₹20,000₹25,000₹30,000
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University₹15,000₹20,000₹25,000₹30,000
Ternopil National Medical University ₹15,000₹20,000₹25,000₹30,000
Poltava State Medical University ₹15,000₹20,000₹25,000₹30,000
Kyiv Medical University ₹15,000₹20,000₹25,000₹30,000

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a one-time MBBS in Ukraine scholarship for the students and is applicable in the 1st payment on fees only. This scholarship is provided on the payment of 1st year package.
  • This is provided by Global Medical Foundation to the students taking admission through us.
  • NEET marks of the current year will be taken into consideration.

MBBS in Ukraine Indian Mess

The availability of Indian food while studying MBBS in Ukraine is one of the most common questions by parents and students. The fact is that there is an Indian mess available in almost every medical university in Ukraine.

Know more about Indian mess facility while studying MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine Hostel

The fact is that all the medical universities in Ukraine provide hostel facility to its students. Indian students will be provided with hostel accommodation from day one in Ukraine.

Know more about the hostel facility for Indian students while studying MBBS in Ukraine?

MBBS in Ukraine Fee Structure 2020

Global Medical Foundation is authorised for providing admission in all the following colleges for MBBS in Ukraine. In this Ukraine medical college list, some of the top-ranked and best medical universities of Ukraine are listed. Note: One-time charges will be extra payable in the first year for every university where it is not mentioned below. Check MBBS in Ukraine Fees from cheapest to expensive:

← Swipe Left to Right to view complete fee structure on small devices→

Universities1st year Fees (Tuition Fee + Hostel fee + one-time charges) in US $2nd - 6th Year Tuition fee in US $2nd-6th year Hostel in US $Total Course Cost with Hostel in US $Total Course Cost with Hostel in ₹
Bukovinian State Medical UniversityUS $ 6,950US $ 3,900 x 5 = 19,500US $ 500x5 = 2,500US $ 28,950₹20,26,500
Kyiv Medical UniversityUS $ 7,300US $ 3,500 x 5 = 17,500US $ 1,000x5 = 5,000US $ 29,800₹20,86,000
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,300US $ 4,000 x 5 = 20,000US $ 1,000x5 = 5,000US $ 32,300₹22,61,000
Ternopil State Medical University US $ 6,800Fees different every year from 2nd year onwards = US $ 22,000US $ 800x5 = 4,000US $ 32,800₹22,96,000
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,800US $ 4,500 x 5 = 22,500US $ 800x5 = 4,000US $ 34,300₹24,01,000
Poltava State Medical University US $ 7,500US $ 4,000 (2nd Year). US $ 4,800 (3rd year onwards) = 23,200US $ 1,000x5 = 5,000US $ 35,700₹24,99,000
Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityUS $ 8,000US $ 5,000 x 5 = 25,000US $ 300x5 = 1,500US $ 34,500₹24,15,000
Bogomolets National Medical University US $ 8,500US $ 4,500 x 5 = 22,500US $ 1,000x5 = 5,000US $ 36,000₹25,20,000
Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUS $ 8,200US $ 4,800 x 5 = 24,000US $ 800x5 = 4,000US $ 36,200₹25,34,000
Lviv National Medical University US $ 8,000US $ 4,900 x 5 = 24,500US $ 1,000x5 = 5,000US $ 37,500₹26,25,000
Odessa National Medical University (Not in MCI list in 2020)US $ 8,100US $ 4,370 (Fees increase every year from 2nd year onwards)US $ 1,100x5 = 5,500US $ 39,300₹26,72,400
Uzhhorod National UniversityUS $ 6,500US $ 3,800 x 5 = 19,000US $ 850 x 5 = 4,250US $ 29,750₹20,82,500
Taras Shevchenko National University of KyivUS $ 8,800US $ 4,500 x 5 = 22,500US $ 1,500x5 = 7,500US $ 38,800₹27,16,000


  • US $ 1=₹70 has been used for calculation of fees in the table above. Please use the current exchange rate. Fees will be payable as per the exchange rate at the time of payment of the fees.
  • There will be no increase in the tuition fee once the student has enrolled.
  • The fees for MBBS in Ukraine is payable directly to the university once the student reaches Ukraine.
  • 1st-year expenses include university’s tuition fee, 1st-year hostel fee, other one-time expenses payable only in the 1st-year to the University.
  • MBBS in Ukraine fees 2020 will be finalised by June-July.

Other expenses:

  • Admission, registration and Visa processing charges payable in India to Global Medical Foundation.
  • Food expenses approximately extra US $ 1,000-1,200 per year.
  • Flight ticket cost.
  • Screening test coaching fee (if taken).