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Global Medical Foundation- ISO Certified Company
Global Medical Foundation- ISO Certified Company

Global Medical Foundation is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. ISO 9001 is a quality management system. It is focused on ensuring the business delivers a consistent level of quality to its customers by having well-defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures. This means that Global Medical Foundation‘s processes and procedures are well-defined and have come into existence through its years of experience and continuous efforts and hard work of its top management. Global Medical Foundation is one of the best overseas medical education consultants.

Global Medical Foundation- About Us

Global Medical Foundation
Global Medical Foundation

Medical education in itself is a universe which is expanding rapidly every year. The health care system in today’s world is the first and foremost priority in every country. Not only this, but a good and healthy workforce is a pre-requisite for any country’s development. Gone is the time when mineral resources used to define a country’s wealth. In today’s world, human resource is the most valuable and priced possession of a country, especially for a developing country like India and health care system is the backbone of this resource. The medicine has saw massive advancements over a period of just few hundred years and we see new advancements and opportunities every year.

With an increase in population and advancement in the health care industry also the number of discovered and documented ailments has increased exponentially.

Few diseases have been eradicated forever from the face of the planet while newer challenges have appeared. With newer challenges and the raised standards, each country meets with a major problem i.e. production of highly skilled medical graduates.

Global Medical Foundation, one of the top overseas medical education consultants, offers admission to the best universities and colleges- both private and public all over the world. The colleges are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization to name a few. The curriculum offered by these best universities and colleges matches with the latest standards and provide students with much needed international exposure which shall increase their confidence and offer the very best experience.

The healthcare industry has been witnessing a paradigm shift from a change in focus from treatment to prevention, and an evolution in medical information systems due to advancement in medical equipment and medical systems. Studying MBBS from abroad fosters professionalism which is much needed in this profession. But still there are many students who ask me ‘why  should I study abroad?’

Here are some of the reasons:

  • There is no compromise on the quality of education.
  • There is no donation or hidden costs, you get admission directly and without and hassle.
  • The fees is way lower than that of Indian private colleges.
  • There is a huge and ever growing demand for doctors in India whereas the supply is less-

There is only one doctor for every 1,700 patients.

I have seen students wasting 3-4 years and then finally taking admission abroad. The smart thing would be to go for it at once if you feel its the right decision.


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Company Overview

Global Medical Foundation is a respected and well-known overseas medical education consultants based in New Delhi, the capital city of India. We have our representatives and associates all over India and together we help students find the right college which matches their aspirations and budgets. Global Medical Foundation has always focused its efforts on honest and genuine dealing with its clients and providing all the information.

 We have guided students since the turn of the century. Since 1998, Global Medical Foundation has assisted thousands of students in getting and securing MBBS admission abroadGlobal Medical Foundation is one of the largest suppliers of MBBS aspirants to foreign countries like Philippines, Ukraine, China, Bangladesh, Russia etc. making us the leader in its field.

Global Medical Foundation represents topmost and leading institutions in countries like Ukraine (Europe), Philippines, China, Bangladesh. We assist its students and their parents with comprehensive information, so they can take an informed decision. We believe in providing information which is correct, comprehensive and correct in every respect to the student and their parents.

 Vision: To open the doors of a world of opportunities to our students. We want to help students realise their dreams of becoming a successful professional, a successful doctor by assisting them in securing admission in the top most and best Universities which matches their aspirations and budget.

Our Mission

  • To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards our students, employees, associates and society at large.
  • To help students who don’t want to give up on their dream of becoming a doctor.
  • We want to help students get admission in the best Universities abroad and learn from the brilliant and unparalleled experience they would get there.
  • This would help them become a better person and thus a better doctor.
  • Every student who we can help get admission will one day achieve his/her dream of becoming a doctor and thus will help countless number of people in the future.

Our Vision

To open the doors of a world of opportunities to our students. We want to help students realise their dreams of becoming a successful professional, a successful doctor by assisting them in securing admission in the top most and best Universities which matches their aspirations and budget.

Global Medical Foundation

Top countries for studying MBBS abroad:

MBBS in Philippines:

This country is the most popular due to the American format of teaching medicine. Not only are students eligible for taking USMLE, it’s also one of the first countries having the highest ratio of Indians clearing the MCI screening test. English being the main language adds to the advantage of studying there.

MBBS in Ukraine:

The country has some of Europe’s oldest medical universities rendering education for about 50 years plus. The highly economical cost of education along with advanced training methodology has made it a favourite for most Indians since the past few years.

Source- The Tribune 

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Contact us at +91-9899065852/ 9999404348 for Direct Admission in Abroad.

I would like to thank Global Medical Foundation for helping me get admission in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy in Kyrgyzstan. My experience was good and the work was done on time. Thank you.

global medical foundation
Raishma Manzoor
MBBS, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

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