Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital, Bangladesh

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Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital
Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital (JIMC) was established in 1992 and is the second oldest private medical school for MBBS in BangladeshJahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital is affiliated with the University of Dhaka, this means that Indian students are eligible to sit for the screening test after graduating from Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital.

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital offers a 5-year course in English medium leading to a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. The college is situated in the village of Bhagalpur, in Bajitpur Upazila of Kishoreganj District, about half km from Bajitpur Railway Station. Within the self-contained campus of Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital, arranged among gardens around an S-shaped lake, are an academic building, separate hostels for men and women, staff quarters, and Jahurul Islam Medical College Hospital, the college’s 390-bed teaching hospital. After the final phase of hospital construction, this capacity will expand to 500 beds.

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital is one of the best medical college in Bangladesh and most of the foreign students here are Indians. We recommend you to check the Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh.

Jahurul Islam Medical College 38.7%
MBBS in Bangladesh 30.83%
MBBS in Nepal 21.2%

The percentage of students passing FMGE from Jahurul Islam Medical College between 2012-14 was 38.7%. This is higher than the average of all the colleges in Bangladesh and almost twice of Nepal during the same time period.

Jahurul Islam Medical CollegeSpecial Features

  • WHO recognized, standard & fully residential Medical College
  • Disciplined and peaceful academic atmosphere
  • Separate well-organised Hostels for males and females
  • Spacious air-conditioned Library with vast collection
  • Adequate Lecture Galleries and well-equipped Laboratories
  • Relatively less expensive with more Facilities
  • Adequate Recreational facilities
  • Comfortable for Foreign Students
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Jahurul Islam Medical CollegePhoto Gallery

Jahurul Islam Medical College
Anatomy class
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Campus Garden
Jahurul Islam Medical College
The Medical College
Jahurul Islam Medical College
The Hospital
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Students in Library
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Holy Mosque
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Nursing Institute
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Boys' Hostel
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Cultural Programme
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Freshers' Orientation

Jahurul Islam Medical CollegeHospital

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital has been planned to serve all sections of people by providing essential as well as specialised medical care. In the first phase, a 250 bed hospital has been put into service since August 1989. The number of beds has been increased to more than 500 as of today. The hospital is equipped with the latest, modern and latest equipment and facilities. In its final and ultimate phase of completion, the hospital will have 750 beds to provide all aspects of medical and surgical services.

Because of its unique location and activities and developments already initiated at the behest of the hospital, Bhagalpur-Bajitpur was naturally considered for the establishment of a medical college in the private sector. The hospital so abundantly equipped with modern instruments and facilities provide ideal infrastructure for the medical college to impart education and research facilities on theoretical as well as practical aspect of medical science.

Service of eminent professors, surgeons and consultants from home and abroad are made available to ensure best services to the Hospital, College & Nursing College.

The hospital has been brought under computer networking system and each department/section is connected to each other through LAN and WAN to share the informations and to store in a central database server.


  • Hospital : More than 500 Beds
  • Nursing College
  • Patient Attendant Dormitory
  • Doctors’ Dormitory
  • Nurses’ Dormitory
  • Doctors’ quarters
  • Staffs’ quarters
  • Central Mosque
  • Recreation Facility
  • Community Centre
  • Central Cafeteria
  • Doctors’ Club with gymnasium

Jahurul Islam Medical CollegeHostel

Jahurul Islam Medical College
Girls Hostel
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Boys' Hostel

Jaharul Islam Medical College is fully residential. All students must reside in their allotted seats at the hostel. There are two separate hostels for male and female students within the campus. Hostels have the facilities such as dining room, common room with arrangements for games, TV, gymnasium etc.

Students are to comply with the following rules & regulations during their study in this Medical College.

Hostel gate will be closed at 9.00 PM and opened at 6.00 AM. All students must come back of hostel before 9.00 PM. On weekdays students are not allowed to leave the campus or stay outside without written permission from Principal.

During holidays, before leaving the hostel, the students are directed to sign the register book and must produce application duly signed by legal guardians on return.

Only near relations of a student (Parents, Sisters, Brothers) are allowed to see the students in the hostel guest room between following hours :

3.00 PM TO 6.00 PM

1.00 PM TO 6.00 PM

* Guests are not allowed in the room of student.

All students will take food from the students’ common mess at the dining hall and maintain the following timetable:

7.00 AM TO 9.30 AM

1.00 PM TO 3.00 PM

8.00 PM TO 10.00 PM

Food is not allowed to be taken to the rooms from dining hall. Preparation of food in the room is prohibited. Every month selected students will act as mess manager. Meal charge must be deposited (Approx. Taka 1,200.00) by the students at the beginning of each month.


Students are asked to maintain proper cleanliness of their rooms. Waste materials from rooms are to be kept in wastebasket / plastic bin in each floor. It is expected that every student will be well disciplined and behave properly both in hostel and in the campus and must not be involved in anything unbecoming and unwanted.

The college authority will bear no responsibility for any activity or traveling outside the campus by the students. The college authority will provide accommodation for a student during the 5 year MBBS course. If a student fails to pass in due time, the college authority may not take responsibility to provide accommodation for further period.

Jahaurl Islam Medical College Fee Structure

The fee structure of Jaharul Islam Medical College is as follows:

Total Fees including hostel (5-year): US $ 36,000.

Fees payable in the 1st year- US $ 16,000.

Fees payable from 2nd year till 5th year- US $ 5,000 per year.

Food charges extra, to be paid monthly.

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