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MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh – Study MBBS in Bangladesh,  the country with the highest FMGE or MCI Screening Test Passing Percentage. Call Global Medical Foundation today for direct admission in Bangladesh.

In this page, you will get to know about the following things about MBBS in Bangladesh:

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Shobhit Jayaswal of Global Medical Foundation with students of Green Life Medical College, MBBS in Bangladesh.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh, the country with the highest passing rate for MCI Screening test or FMGE between 2012-14. Being a neighbouring country of India, the cost and time for travel get greatly reduced. Studying in Bangladesh is almost similar to studying MBBS in India because of the following reasons:

  • Identical Syllabus
  • Same authors of books
  • Similar Study Pattern
  • Study of similar Diseases
  • Similar Pattern of Examination
  • Similar Duration of MBBS

Most colleges have hostel facility and Indian food facility available which makes Bangladesh the preferred destination for studying MBBS in abroad. This also ensures a greater level of security for the students and assures parents about the safety of their children. The medium of instruction is English which makes it very comfortable for the students.

Reserve your seat today and live your dream of becoming a doctor. Call 9899065852 for more information / to ask your queries and for taking admission for MBBS in Bangladesh. You can get admission from all over India through Global Medical Foundation. You should first check the eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh.

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MBBS in Bangladesh- Best Quality of Education

Dhaka National Medical College
Shobhit Jayaswal at the campus of Dhaka National Medical College, Bangladesh.

There is no doubt about the Excellent and High Quality of Education a student would be imparted while studying MBBS in Bangladesh. This claim is attested by fact that Indian students who do MBBS in Bangladesh have managed to get the highest passing percentage for MCI Screening Test or FMGE year after year.

MBBS in Bangladesh – Highest MCI Screening Test Passing Percentage (2012-14)

A major reason behind this is the similarity of education/study pattern between India and Bangladesh. MBBS in Bangladesh is similar to studying Medical in India in the following respects:

  • Identical Syllabus
  • Same authors of books
  • Similar Study Pattern
  • Study of similar Diseases
  • Similar Pattern of Examination
  • Similar Duration of MBBS

MBBS in BangladeshMBBS in Bangladesh- Life of Indian Students

bangladesh medical college
Shobhit Jayaswak at the campus of Bangladesh Medical College.

The weather and culture of Bangladesh are the same as that of India. Food habits of people in Bangladesh are same as that of India. Indian food is easily available. Students going for MBBS in Bangladesh need not worry about food as both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is easily accessible.

The language spoken in Bangladesh includes English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic. A large number of Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Oriya, Gujarati and Marathi speaking students are already studying in Bangladesh.

All these factors not only make it easier for Indian students to get acclimatised but also give them a feeling of being at home.

Bangladesh is safe for girls and boys alike and being in a group of native Indians will make it easier to get help in case of an emergency. Being a dry nation (no alcohol country and drug consumption is illegal) adds up to the safety factor while alleviating the fears of the parents. Parents can breathe easy and have a peace of mind sending their son/daughter for MBBS in Bangladesh.

There is separate hostel facility for boys and girls in every college and there are women-only colleges too in Bangladesh.

Since getting admission in India is getting increasingly difficult year after year with the number of candidates ever increasing and the number of seats not being able to keep pace, MBBS in Bangladesh is the best alternative for Indian MBBS aspirants to get their MBBS degree from.

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MBBS in BangladeshStudents sent by Global Medical Foundation

Shobhit Jayaswal of Global Medical Foundation has personally visited and met Indian students from more than 20 colleges for MBBS in BangladeshGlobal Medical Foundation has sent many students to study MBBS in Bangladesh and will guide you with the best, complete and most genuine information about medical in Bangladesh. You can get admission in more than 30 colleges in Bangladesh through Global Medical Foundation.

mbbs in bangladesh
Student sent by Global Medical Foundation to Southern Medical College for MBBS in Bangladesh.
mbbs in bangladesh
Student sent by Global Medical Foundation for MBBS in Bangladesh.
dhaka national medical college
Shobhit Jayaswal with students studying in Dhaka National Medical College in Bangladesh.

MBBS in BangladeshAdvantage of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

zh sikder women medical college
Shobhit Jayaswal at the campus of Z.H.Sikder Women Medical College.

1. Language: The medium of Instruction is English. This makes it easy for students to understand better and quicker. This is not the case for Russia, Ukraine or China.

2. Food: Food and taste are similar to the food available in India. This makes it easier for students to adjust to the new place. Students can also make their own food. Both veg and non-veg food are available. The students will get almost all the fruits and vegetables that one finds in India.

3. Cost: The cost of living and cost of education in Bangladesh is very low. Hostel facility is available to the students. The total course fees could range from US$ 33,000 – US $ 42,000 which is way less than the fees in private colleges in India.

The average cost of study MBBS in Bangladesh ranges between ₹24 Lakh to ₹30 Lakh. Students from many coutries come to Bangladesh for their medical studies. The affordable fees, efficient & effective medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favoured destinations for India students.

* These are approximate figures, since the exchange rate changes very volatile and changes every second, you may contact our counsellors to know more about fees and living expenses.

5. Climate and Culture: The climate and culture in Bangladesh is similar to that in India making it easier for Indian students to adjust there.

6. Recognition: The Universities/Colleges are recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

7. Safety & Security: As most colleges have hostel facility available, the safety of students is ensured.

8. Low travelling cost: There are daily flights and trains going from India to Bangladesh and vice versa. The two-way air fare is as low as ₹7,000 from India to Dhaka. The travelling cost is very low.

MBBS in Bangladesh Eligibility 2019MBBS in Bangladesh Eligibility Criteria for 2019 Batch

Only Class 12 pass out of 2019 (current year) and 2018 (last year) can apply.

  • The candidate must hold a passport in order to travel for MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • He/she should be of age 17 years or above before December 31 of the year in which the student is seeking admission.
  • A student will be ineligible for MBBS in Bangladesh if there is a gap of more than 2 years after class XII. If the student applies for current year’s session, then he/she must have completed class XII or passed class 12 in this year or the previous year. If the board conducts exam in 2017 but issues Passing Certificate in 2018, then also a student can be eligible for taking admission.
  • The student must have his/her Passing Certificate (of class 12) issued in the current year (2019) or previous year (2018) only. Failing to meet this criterion would mean that the student cannot study medical in Bangladesh.
  • The student must have passed class 10 in either 2016 or 2017.
  • Indian students must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class XII and have equal to or more than 60% aggregate marks. The student must have more than 60% marks in Biology.
  • Anyone who passed out class 12 prior to 2018 cannot take admission in Bangladesh as per government rules.
  • Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent should be 8.00.
  • Minimum GPA either in SSC or equivalent or in HSC or equivalent: 3.5
  • Minimum GPA in biology: 3.5
  • For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent exam, only the top 5 subjects are considered for calculation of GPA. Therefore, GPA in ‘O’ level = (total marks obtained in the top five subjects) ÷ 5
  • For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent exam, only 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) are considered for calculation of GPA.
  • Qualifying Grade in each subject individually is “C”. Therefore, GPA in ‘A’ level = (total marks obtained in three subjects) ÷ 3.
  • Also, all students now have to clear NEET exam from 2019 onwards.

We help our students in successful completion of all the necessary paper work.

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MBBS in Bangladesh Study Pattern

green life medical college
Shobhit Jayaswal of Global Medical Foundation at the campus of Green Life Medical College.

There is more emphasis on developing the clinical base of the students who study medical in Bangladesh. The study pattern of Bangladesh and India are very similar and students find is easier to clear the MCI Screening test. Here are some of the key points for MBBS in Bangladesh:

1. MBBS course is of 5 years.
2. Compulsory rotatory internship of 1 year after 5 years of college. This can be done in India.
3. Semester system is followed. Each semester is of 6 months.
4. The MBBS course is divided into 3 phases, namely- Pre-clinical phase, Para-clinical Phase & Clinical     Phase.
5. The medium of instruction is English.

PhaseDuration of the PhaseSubjects TaughtExamination
1st Phase1 year & 6 months1. Anatomy
2. Physiology
3. Biochemistry
First Professional MBBS
2nd Phase1 year1. Community Medicine
2. Forensic Medicine
Second Professional MBBS
3rd Phase1 year1. Pharmacology & Therapeutics
2. Pathology
3. Microbiology
Third Professional MBBS
4th Phase1 year & 6 months1. Medicine & Allied Subjects
2. Surgery & Allied Subjects
3. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Final Professional MBBS

MBBS in Bangladesh Fee Structure:MBBS in Bangladesh Fees 2019

Please check the individual college website in case of a mismatch. If there is any mismatch then there is no need to worry as the fees showed on the college’s official will be the amount you would pay as the tuition fee. Fee Structure will be updated again around September for 2019 session. Please call us in case you have any doubts: 9899065852.

S.NoName of CollegeUniversityYear EstablishedLocationTotal Fees(for 5 years US $)Total Fees(for 5 years ₹)To be paid in 1st YearRemaining amount to be paid in 4 years.Hostel/Fooding Fee
1Bangladesh Medical CollegeDU1986DhakaUS $44,000 (Only tuition fee)₹28,60,000 (Only tuition fee)US $22,000US $22,000US $160/- per month for hostel. Food at actual cost.
2Z. H. Sikder Women's Medical CollegeDU1992DhakaUS $40,000 (Including Hostel rent)₹26,00,000 (Including Hostel)US $20,000US $20,000US $100/- per month for food.
3Tairunnessa Memorial Medical CollegeDU1992DhakaUS $40,000 (Including hostel rent)₹26,00,000 (Including hostel rent)US $14,000US $26,000Food at actual cost.
4Jahurul Islam Medical CollegeDU1992KishoreganjUS $40,000 (Including hostel rent)₹26,00,000 (Including hostel rent)US $18,000US $22,000Food at actual cost.
5Enam Medical College & HospitalDU2003DhakaUS $45,000 (Only tuition fee)₹29,25,000 (Only tuition fee)US $25,000US $20,000Hostel fee US $ 100 per month.
Food at actual cost.

6Delta Medical CollegeDU2006DhakaUS $39,000 (Including hostel rent)₹25,35,000 (Including hostel rent)US $19,000US $20,000Food at actual cost.
7Ad-Din Women's Medical CollegeDU2008DhakaUS $38,000 (Only tuition fee)₹24,70,000 (Only tuition fee)US $20,000US $18,000US $150/- per month for AC hostel and food.
8Dhaka National Medical CollegeDU1994DhakaUS $48,000 (Only tuition fee)₹30,20,000 (Only tuition fee)US $30,000US $18,000 (Rest of the fees payable Every month from 1st month to last )US $100/- per month for hostel and food.
9North-East Medical CollegeSUST1997Sylhet
US $40,000 (Including hostel rent)₹26,00,000 (Including hostel rent)US $20,000US $20,000Food at actual cost.
10Green Life Medical CollgeDU2010DhakaUS $44,000 (Only tuition fee)₹28,60,000 (Only tuition fee)US $22,000US $22,000Hostel fee US $ 100 per month.
Food at actual cost.
11Southern Medical CollegeCU2006ChittagongUS $39,000 (Including hostel rent)₹25,35,000 (Including hostel rent)US $21,000US $18,000Food at actual cost.
12Sylhet Women's Medical CollegeSUST2005Sylhet
US $38,000 (Including hostel rent)₹24,70,000 (Including hostel rent)US $16,000US $22,000Food at actual cost.
13Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
DU2008DhakaUS $44,000 (Only tuition fee)₹28,60,000 (Only tuition fee)US $26,000US $18,000Food at actual cost.
14Kumudini Women's Medical CollegeDU2000Tangail, DhakaUS $43,000 (Including AC Hostel rent)₹27,95,000 (Including hostel rent)US $18,000 (Including AC Hostel rent)US $23,000 Food at actual cost.
15Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical CollegeSUST1995SylhetUS $42,950 (Including hostel rent)₹27,91,750 (Including hostel rent)US $18,000 US $24,950 Food at actual cost.
16Universal Medical CollegeDU2014DhakaUS $38,000 (Including Hostel rent and food)₹24,70,000 (Including Hostel rent and food)US $16,000 US $22,000 -
17Central Medical CollegeCU2005ComillaUS $35,000 (Only tuition fee)₹22,75,000 (Only tuition fee)US $9,000US $26,000Food at actual cost.
18Mainamoti Medical College
CU2011ComillaUS $38,000 (Including Hostel rent)₹24,70,000 (Including Hostel rent)US $18,000US $20,000 Food at actual cost.
19TMSS Medical CollegeRajshahi University2008BograUS $40,000 (Including hostel rent & food)₹26,00,000 (Including hostel rent & food)US $20,000 US $20,000 -
20Dhaka Central International Medical CollegeDU2010DhakaUS $39,000₹25,35,000 US $16,000US $23,000Food US $ 100 per month.
21Medical College for Women & HospitalDU1992DhakaUS $46,000 ₹29,90,000US $22,000 US $24,000 Hostel & Food US $130/- per month.
22Popular Medical CollegeDU2010DhakaUS $45,000 (Including Hostel fee)₹29,25,000US $20,000 US $25,000 Food at actual cost.
23International Medical CollegeDU2000GazipurUS $45,000 (Including Hostel fee)₹29,25,000US $25,000 US $20,000 Food at actual cost.


US $ 1 = ₹65 is used for calculation above. Kindly use the current exchange rates for calculation of fees.

  • Chittagong University (C.U)
  • Dhaka University (D.U)
  • Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)

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MBBS in BangladeshBenefits of taking admission through Global Medical Foundation

At Global Medical Foundation, we are committed in guiding students and their parents to make the right decision and choice which benefits them the most.

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Keeping in mind how tough and difficult it is to get a seat for doing MBBS in India, we at Global Medical Foundation provides step-to-step guidance through our professional system so that students can achieve their dreams and study in top Universities at a minimum cost. Our consultancy ensures that the future of the student is not compromised.

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MBBS in Bangladesh is Recognised by:

The Medical Council of India recognises the following Universities for MBBS in Bangladesh:

mbbs in bangladesh

The Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC) is a statutory body with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining high standards of medical education and recognition of medical qualifications in Bangladesh. It registers doctors to practice in Bangladesh, in order to protect and promote the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine.

Role of BM&DC-
As a regulatory authority in Medical and Dental sector in Bangladesh role played by BM&DC are as below:

1.Recognition of Medical and Dental Qualifications granted by Medical and Dental Institutions in Bangladesh.
2. Recognition of Medical and Dental Qualification granted by Institutes outside Bangladesh.
3. Setting of scheme of reciprocity with foreign Medical and Dental Councils for recognition of Medical and Dental Qualifications.
4. Amendment of Schedules.
5. Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners.
6. Registration of Medical Assistants.
7. Inspection of Medical and Dental Intuitions.
8. Withdrawal of recognition of Medical and Dental Institutions.
9. Maintenance of Registers of Medical & Dental Practitioners.
10. Maintenance of Registers of Medical Assistants.
11. Publications of Registered Medical Practitioners.
12. Penalty for fraudulent representations of registration.
13. Action against use of false title, etc. by registered Medical and Dental Practitioners.
14. Removal of names from registers of Medical & Dental Practitioners.
15. Action against persons not registered under the Act.
16. Approval of Journals published by different organisations/ Association.
17. The management of the property of the Council and the maintenance and audit of its accounts.
18. Prescribing a uniform minimum standard of courses of training for obtaining graduate and post-graduate medical and dental qualifications to be included or included respectively in the First, Third and Fifth Schedules.
19. Prescribing minimum requirements for the content and duration of courses of study as aforesaid.
20. Prescribing the conditions for admission to courses of training as aforesaid.
21. Prescribing minimum qualifications and experience required of teachers for appointment in medical and dental institutions.
22. Prescribing the standards of examinations, methods of conducting the examinations and other requirements to be satisfied for securing recognition of medical and dental qualifications under Medical & Dental Council Act. 1980.
23. Prescribing the qualifications and experience required of examiners for professional examinations in medicine and dentistry antecedent to the granting of recognised medical and dental qualifications and
24. Registrations of medical or dental students at any medical or dental college or school or any University and the fees payable in respect of such registration.

BM&DC recognised medical colleges

Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka
Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka
Shahed Suhrawardi Medical College, Dhaka
Mymensingh Medical College
Chittagong Medical College, Chittagong
Sher-E-Bangla Medical college, Barisal
M.A.G. Osmani Medical College, Sylhet
Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi
Faridpur Medical College, Faridpur
Shahabuddin Medical College, Gulshan,Dhaka.
University of science and technology chittagong (USTC)
Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi
Ibn Sina Medical College, 1/1-B, Kallyanpur, Mirpur, Dhaka
Bangladesh Medical College
Monno Medical College
Dhaka National Medical College
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College
Medical College for Women & Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka
Somaj Vittik Medical College, P.O.-Mirjanagar, Via Savar Cantt., Dhaha-1344
Jahurul Islam Medical College
Holy Family Medical College, New Eskaton, Moghbazar, Dhaka
Community Based Medical College,Bangladesh, Mymensingh
Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College, Dhaka
Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College, Uttara, Dhaka
Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Mirzapur, Tangail
Ibrahim Medical College, 122, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Shahbagh, Dhaka
Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, 1, Eskaton Garden Road, G.P.O. Box- 81, Dhaka
International Medical College,Sataish Bazar, Gushulia, Tangi, Gazipur
East West Medical College,Aichi Nagar, JBCS Sarani, Horirampur, Turag, Dhaka-1230
Enam Medical College, 9/3, Parbotti Nagar, Thana Road,Savar, Dhaka
Shahabuddin Medical College, House No. 15-16, Road No. 113/A, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
Armed Forces Medical College, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206 [Under Ministry of Defense]
Uttara Adhunik Medical College, House No-34, Road No-4, Sector-9, Sonargaon, Janapath, Uttara Model Town, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Comilla Medical College, Comilla
Noakhali Medical College, Noakhali
Cox’s Bazar Medical College, Cox’s Bazar
Central Medical College, Comilla Tower, Laksham Road, Comilla
Eastern Medical College, Race Course, Comilla New Campus, Kabila, Dhaka Chittagong High Way, Comilla
B.G.C Trust Medical College, BGC Biddyangar, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Khulna Medical College, Khulna
Shaheed Zaiur Rahman Medical College, Bogra
Dinajpur Medical College, Dinajpur
Pabna Medical College, Pabna
North Bengal Medical College, J.C. Road, Dhanleandi, Sirajgonj.
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College, Enayetpur, Sirajgonj.
Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College, Ragib Rabeya Medical College Road, Pathantuly, Sylhet.
North East Medical College, South Surma, Sylhet
Sylhet Womens Medical College, Mirboxtola, Naya Sadak, Sylhet
Institute of Applied Health Science (IAHS), Foy’s Lake, Post Box-1079, Chittagong.
Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College, Agrabad, Chittagong-4100.
Delta Medical College, 26/2, Darussalam Road,Mirpur-1,Dhaka-1216
Southern Medical College & Hospital, Muzaffar Ahmed chy. Road:East Nasirabad, Khulshi, P.O.-Polytechnic, Chittagong-4209
Ad-din Women’s Medical College, 2, Bara Maghbazar, Dhaka-1217
Tayerunnessa Memorial Medical College, Konia (Targach), Board Bazar, Gazipur

SOURCE- Wikipedia

To check Recognised Medical Colleges on BM&DC’s website, visit-

New list of Recognized Medical & Dental Colleges and Dental Units (Govt. & Non-Govt.)

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are recognised by the World Health Organization or WHO. Visit the following link to check if a college is recognised by the World Health Organization:


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