Best College for MBBS in Ukraine

Best College for MBBS in Ukraine (2020)

best college for mbbs in ukraine

We are all here for accomplishing one mission: Find the best college for MBBS in Ukraine. But why is finding the best college for MBBS in Ukraine so important for us? By checking these criterias, you will know which college in Ukraine is best for you:

  • excellent infrastructure
  • good and safe city
  • adequate practical exposure
  • no corruption in the university
  • strict studies
  • focus on quality education
  • availability of hostel and Indian mess
  • FMGE coaching
  • to find out the university where Indian students are clearing FMGE

Our aim is to find a university which fits our budget and has the highest FMGE passing percentage. Such a university can be termed as the best college for MBBS in Ukraine. We should also check the student reviews.

Many students do not check some other important information too while researching for the best university for MBBS abroad. These include the number of students from their respective state or area, if the Indian mess servies food from their area, if the university is recognised by WHO or not.

In case you have a different definition of the best university for MBBS in Ukraine, then you need to reconsider your priorities. Let’s find out which university is best for studying medicine in Ukraine.

Highest FMGE Passing Percentage or the Best College for MBBS in Ukraine

Let’s come straight to the point, all the research you are doing about MBBS in Ukraine is to find the university from where you have the best chance of clearing FMGE or the MCI Screening Test. The university which has the best FMGE passing percentage or the highest MCI passing percentage can be termed as the best college for MBBS in Ukraine since at the end of the day, all that matters is that you pass the screening test.

So which universities have the best FMGE passing percentage? The top-5 are:

The students from these universities have always performed well when it comes to FMGE. Our suggestion is to keep one of these universities as your priority as at the end of the day, you have to clear the screening test in order to practice in India.

We recommend Bukovinain State Medical University and Vinnitsa National Medical University as the best college for MBBS in Ukraine.

Should I look at the World Rankings?

While world rankings look like important criteria to judge a university’s credibility, selecting the best college for MBBS in Ukraine by looking at the world rankings is not a wise thing to do.

First of all, there is no official ranking list. Most of these ranking websites are private companies only. Secondly, if we look at the world rankings of many medical colleges in India, you will surely be shocked that Indian colleges don’t do well. However, you will still surely jump on the chance to get a medical seat in a private college in India even if it was opened this year only.

Therefore, we should always look at only one ranking list, the list which shows how many Indian students cleared FMGE after doing MBBS from a university in Ukraine.

However, if you still want to know about the rankings then the highest ranked medical universities in Ukraine, as per QS Rankings are –

If you look only at the world rankings, then the above two univerisites can be said as the best college for MBBS in Ukraine.

Hostel & Indian Mess Facility

While the hostel facility is provided by all the universities in Ukraine, the major concern of students and parents is the availability of Indian mess. Check about the mess and hostel facilities for MBBS in Ukraine:

Top-5 Universities as per GMF

As per Global Medical Foundation, these are the best colleges for MBBS in Ukraine:

RankUniversity NameYear EstablishedReason for its RankYearly Tuition Fee (In USD)
1Bukovinian State Medical University1944• Highest FMGE Pass Percentage
• Lowest Budget in Ukraine
• Separate Girls Hostel
• Indian mess available
2Vinnitsa National Medical University1921• Best & Strict Studies
• High FMGE Pass Percentage
• Hostel within campus
3Bogomolets National Medical University 1841• Located in Kiev
• Recommended by AIIMS Delhi Professor
• More than 175 years old
4Lviv National Medical University 1784• High FMGE Pass Percentage
• Very strict university
• Hostel Facility Available
5V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University1804• Ranks top-500 in the world
• More than 5,000 Indian students in Kharkiv
• Top Infrastructure