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The MBBS course in Philippines is known as the BS-MD course. Indian students will receive the MBBS degree after clearing the MCI Screening Test in India. In other words, the BS-MD course is equivalent to MBBS in India. A student who is going for MBBS in Philippines after completing class 12 has to study the BS-MD course of 5 or 5 & 1/2 years while the students who go for MBBS in Philippines after completing B.Sc / BAMS / BHMS / Bio-tech (Graduation) study the MD course only which is of 4 years. After the BS course, the student has to appear for NMAT exam for admission in the MD course.

The eligibility criteria for admission is simple for studying MBBS in Philippines. A student belonging to the general category must have at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must be passed in every subject. A student who belongs to OBC/SC or ST category must have at least 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must be passed in every subject. A passport is required to fly abroad.

With high-quality of education, safe surrounding, and an environment which enables the students to learn and absorb better, low college fees, no donation and high affordability, MBBS in Philippines have become the premier destination for Indian as well as international students for studying MBBS in abroad

MBBS in Philippines is inexpensive as the college fee is very low. The student can get admission in both government and private universities. The average college/ tuition fees per can be as low as ₹2.10 lakh per year.

The climate in Philippines is similar to the climate of Mumbai. The student does not face the problem of adjusting to the weather which is a major problem for students if they decide to study in any other country.

The high quality of the education a student receives while studying MBBS in Philippines opens a world of opportunities to the Indian students. After completing MBBS from Philippines, the student can practice in the country of his choice as the MBBS degree the student receives from Philippines is recognized worldwide. Indian students who come back after completing MBBS from Philippines have a better record of clearing the MCI Screening Test than their European counterparts. Philippines has one of the highest passing-percentage in the MCI Screening Test.

95% of the population in Philippines speaks English and thus there is no language barrier for students who opt to study MBBS in Philippines. In other countries, especially the European countries, the student has to learn the local language. This means that the student gets less time to focus on his medical studies and has to spend more time on studying the local language. Learning to read, write and speak a new language is difficult. The medium of instruction for MBBS in Philippines is only English. The student won’t have any language problem as the local language is English only. During clinical rotation or clinical internship, the student can easily interact with the patients.

Medical colleges in Philippines follow the semester system. Each year of MBBS in Philippines comprise of two semesters. The total duration of your MBBS course will be between 5 to 5 & 1/2 years depending on the college you choose. MBBS in most other countries is of 6 years. You save your valuable time and money by choosing to study in Philippines. The degree you will get after completing MBBS from Philippines will be equivalent to MBBS degree in India.

Due to a highly educated and qualified faculty and great practical exposure, MBBS courses in Philippines is gaining significant popularity among aspiring medical students in India.

Philippines is the most popular country for studying MBBS in abroad due to the American format of teaching Medicine. Not only are students eligible for taking USMLE, it’s also one of the first countries having the highest ratio of Indians clearing the MCI screening test. English being the main language adds to the advantage of studying there. The degree you get after doing MBBS in Philippines is globally recognized, including by the World Health Organization and by the Medical Council of India.

Why Study MBBS in Philippines?

Philippines is the most popular country for studying MBBS in abroad due to the American format of teaching medicine. Not only are students eligible for taking USMLE, it’s also one of the first countries having the highest ratio of Indians clearing the MCI screening test. English being the main language adds to the advantage of studying there. The degree you get after you study MBBS in Philippines is globally recognized, including by the World Health Organization and by the Medical Council of India.

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Philippines has become the most desired destination for Indian students for doing MBBS in abroad. The number of students going to Philippines is increasing every year. English as the medium of education, low fees starting from ₹13.77 Lakh, no donation and guarented admission are only some of the advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines

Study MBBS in Philippines: Map of Philippines showing its major cities including the capital city of Manila (starred) where one of the campuses of AMA School of Medicine is located. It takes about 9 hours to travel from India to Philippines with flight going to and fro on daily basis.

Total Tuition Fees for entire course (5 years fees), to be paid in yearly instalments. Hostel & Food extra- ₹8-10 thousand per month approx.

  • Medium of instruction – English
  • Academic curriculum is at par with global standards
  • All universities are approved by MCI & WHO
  • Students need not sit for IELTS or TOEFL
  • Direct admission
  • No donation
  • College fees & Cost of living is low
  • Availability of Indian food
  • No language barrier- Philippines is an English speaking nation
  • Guidance is provided for MCI screening test
  • Friendly and safe environment for both girls and boys
  • Accommodation facilities for girls and boys are separate
  • India-like climatic conditions make it easier for students to adjust
  • Philippines is considered to be the gateway to Canada, US and the U.K

Colleges for MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines- Infographic

Study in the Number 1 Ranked MBBS University of Philippines

About Philippines

Philippines, also known as the Republic of the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia. Nearby countries are Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and Singapore. It comprises of over 7,000 islands. The main islands are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Philippines is the world’s 12th most populous country with a population of more than 100 million.

Distance from India to Philippines is 4,631 km. This air travel distance is equal to 2,878 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between India and Philippines is 4,631 km= 2,878 miles.

Philippines is the 3rd largest English Speaking country in the World and an acknowledged centre for education with over 20,000+ foreign students going there each year for education in English, Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Management from over 50+ countries of the world.

The Capital city is Manila; a megacity with over 20 million population. Multiple ethnicities and cultures are found. Cultural influences are from Spain, US, Hindu & Islam. It is thought that The Philippines was part of the Hindu Java Kingdom in 13th Century. In the 14th century, Islam came. From 15th to 18th century it was ruled by Spain & Catholics; followed by America in 19-20th Century, with a brief period of Japanese occupation in World War II. The dominant religion is Catholic Christianity with 93% of the country following it. 3% of the population follows Islam. A Hindu Temple and Gurudwara are located in UN Avenue in Manila.

Embassies of many countries are located in Makati, Metro Manila – a distance of just 2.4 – 3.5 km from AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines


  • English-Medium: Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world with the highest English literacy rate in Asia. English is the most widely-used language for communication, business, education, and trade. The studies will happen with English as the medium of communication. This is an advantage to Indian students as most of our studies is in English too. There is no need to study a new language and students can focus all their time and energy towards their education. Another advantage is that unlike other professions, a doctor has to interact with patients. As 95% of the population in Philippines speak English, students get a great exposure and experience. The same is not the case for most other countries.
  • Tropical Climate: Philippines has a tropical climate, similar to India’s with a disease pattern similar too. It is a major reason why Indian MBBS graduates from Philippines do well in MCI Screening Test as well as in their career. Also, this provides students with on the job practical experience before they start practicing. In countries with cold climate, one does not enjoy the same benefits.
  • Climate: Climate and disease pattern is similar to that in India, making it easier for Indian students to get acclimatised to the new surrounding.
  • Recognition: MBBS in Philippines is called BS-MD degree. This degree is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The accreditation with MCI defines that a MBBS holder from India and a MD holder from Philippines is at the same level or BS-MD in Philippines is equivalent to MBBS in India. Each college of Philippines where we offer admission is recognised by MCI and WHO. The BS-MD degree or MBBS degree of Philippines is globally recognized and accepted. The high quality of medical education is attested by the fact that it is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), IMED, ECFMG, FAIMER, MCI, USMLE and similar other educational bodies around the world.
  • Modern facilities:The top colleges like AMA School of Medicine follow the latest and modern teaching methods with first-grade facilities. These colleges are equipped with the well-established infrastructure helping in the learning process of the MBBS students.
  •  Best Teaching Methodology: Integrated problem-based learning approach followed in the colleges in Philippines gives the students a better exposure even before they have started practice.
  • Gateway to USA: While completing MBBS in Philippines, students can start to prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) to study Post Graduate Degrees. Philippines is the highest exporter of Doctors and Nurses to the US.
  • Safety– Philippines is a safe place for students. There is stability in terms of economy and government policies. More than 4,000 Indian students are currently studying in Philippines and new students taking admission won’t have any problem. Old Indian students always help the new ones to settle down and as a guide too. Global Medical Foundation has its own office in Philippines. We take care of the student’s health, safety and help them out whenever they need it.
  • Food: Indian food is available in the canteen and outside too. Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and Jain food is easily available. Students can also make their own food.
  • Global exposure: Students get global exposure by working alongside various nationalities. This opens them up to new ways and cultures. This opportunity won’t be available to Indian students.
  • Course Duration: It takes 5 & 1/2 years for complete the degree in Philippines whereas MBBS is mostly of 6 years in other countries.
  • Asian country: Philippines is an Asian country which is close to India. There are daily flights going between both the countries. We send students in groups and our representative pick them up from the airport in Philippines. We help students to settle down after they reach there.
  • American System of Education: Philippines follows the American system of education.

In the 1st year of the MD course, the basics of medical sciences are taught to the students. From the 2nd year to the 3rd year, these courses focus shifts to specialized sciences. The 4th year includes an internship or clinical rotation in various departments. Every student will learn about different medical theories, technologies, practices and different problem-solving approaches.

Post completion of the degree, it is a must to take up a licensure examination in the country itself. For this, students have to go through one-year internship program. Degree awarded by different universities is recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) & the World Health Organization (WHO). The Medical Council of India recognizes the degree awarded by these institutes in Philippines and permits the aspirants to sit for the screening test conducted in India.

MBBS in Philippines
  • The Medical Council of India (MCI)- All the colleges where we offer admission for MBBS in Philippines are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This means that after completing your medical studies from Philippines, you will be eligible to sit for MCI Screening test in India.
  • The medical degree in Philippines is recognized by FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Education). The student will be eligible to join Ph.D. courses.
  • The medical degree is also recognized by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), it means that the medical student will be eligible to appear for United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Upon successful completion of this test, the student is eligible to practice or go for higher studies for a Post Graduation (PG) degree in the US.
  • The degree is recognized by the Government of Philippines.
  • The colleges have tie ups with Hospitals where the students go for internship.
Total cost of MBBS in abroad

The entire tuition fees for MBBS in Philippines is equal to 1 or 2 years tuition fees of most Indian private colleges. The tuition fees is paid on annual basis to the medical university/college where you take admission. The total tuition fees for the course duration ranges between about ₹14.35 Lakh to ₹21 Lakh. The cost of accommodation is relatively cheap in the Philippines, also, the other necessary expenses like hostel/PG rent, mess fees, and other living expenses would be close to around ₹8 thousand-12 thousand per month. Taking this into account, total cost to complete MBBS degree would be close to ₹25 Lakhs (depending on the college you choose, this could be higher or lower). If you compare this cost with the cost to do study medical in private MBBS colleges in India, it would be just 1/5 of the expense of India.


The Philippines is a secular state just like India. The dominant religion practised in Philippines is Christianity. The Catholic Church data taken from year 2015 revealed that about 82.9% of the population in Philippines professed Catholicism. The Philippine Independent Church is a notable independent Catholic denomination.

Islam is the second largest religion practised in Philippines. The Muslim population of the Philippines was reported to be about 5% of the total population according to census in 2000 and 2011. The majority of Muslims live in the Bangsamoro region. Most practice Sunni Islam under the Shafi’i school.

An estimated 10% of the population of Philippines are considered to be irreligious.

Buddhism is practiced by around 2% of the population, and is concentrated among Filipinos of Chinese descent. The remaining population is divided between a number of religious groups, including Hindus, Jews, and Baha’is.

  • We are the direct representatives for MBBS in Philippines and thus we charge the lowest processing fee. Other consultancy or middle man will make money for themselves and charge you more for colleges like AMA School of Medicine.
  • We can get your admission done from all over India. Our advanced process enables us to start your admission process while you can be at the comfort of your home.
  • We will undertake your Visa process.
  • Help and support from our Philippines office.
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After class XII or HSC

A minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The student must have passed all subjects and English is a compulsory subject.

For students belonging to SC/ST or OBC- A minimum aggregate of 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The student must have passed all subjects and English is a compulsory subject.

There is no entrance exam for admission for MBBS in Philippines. For enquiry about admission process or to take admission for studying MBBS in Philippines, please contact Global Medical Foundation. These are the best colleges for studying MBBS in Philippines

Study in the Number 1 Ranked MBBS University of Philippines

MBBS in Philippines- Videos

AMA School of Medicine

University of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Fatima University

6 Amazing Reasons to do MBBS in Philippines

The universities in Philippines have the best selection process. Not only can students from India secure admission directly, they will also be able to do so without any hassle. Global Medical Foundation has been sending students to Philippines for many years and have made the admission process very easy for students who wish to study MBBS in Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines has a very high acceptance rate. The admission process of Philippines is designed keeping the requirements of Indian students in mind. The eligibility criteria is low and students are able to get admission easily. Global Medical Foundation helps to get direct and guaranteed* admission in both government and private universities in Philippines.

The admission for MBBS in Philippines is direct and students are eligible to take admission if they have secured 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12 or 40% for the same subjects for a student belonging from SC/ST or OBC category. Admission for MBBS in Philippines do not require the students to sit for SAT or IELTS which is required for admission in countries like UK.

Unlike most other countries, Philippines has special provision for MCI screening test preparation for Indian students. Coaching facility is available to students who wish to give MCI screening test for practicing in India or USMLE exam for practising in the US after completing MBBS in Philippines. It should be noted that Philippines record one of the best results for students passing the MCI Screening Test.

Philippines is a country which is safe for foreign students. Approximately 82% of the population is practices Christianity. There is a large number of Indian students already studying MBBS in Philippines and there is no problem of availability of Indian food. Also, unlike European countries, the weather is Philippines is similar to that in India. Indian students find it easy to settle down in Philippines.

The degree a student will receive after completing MBBS in Philippines is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organisation (WHO) and Commission on Higher Education of Philippines.

Study in the Number 1 Ranked MBBS University of Philippines

Current Weather in Manila, Philippines

Admission Process for MBBS in Philippines

  • For studying MBBS in Philippines, send scanned copies class 10th & 12th mark sheet, address proof, filled in application form, Passport along with the registration fee to Global Medical Foundation.
  • The Admission Letter will be issued by the university within 10-15 days.
  • Deposit a portion (as required by the university at the particular time) of the 1st year tuition fee directly in university’s account.
  • The university will issue original fee receipt.
  • Submit original documents for the start of Visa process.
  • Come for visa interview to Philippines embassy.
  • Fly & join The University.
  • Airport pickup in Philippines.
  • Completion of admission formalities and commencement of classes.

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