MBBS After Graduation

Planning to do your MBBS after completing your graduation? Yes, you can do your MBBS from abroad after completing B.Sc / BAMS / BHMS / Bio-tech. There are two ways ahead for you. Either you can start from the beginning or either you can lower your cost and complete MBBS much more quickly.

In the first option, you will take admission the same way a class 12 pass out would. You will have to pay the same fees and your MBBS course duration will be between 5-6 years depending on the country where you take admission.

This would mean more years, money and time to complete your MBBS degree. You graduation degree will hold no real value here.

MBBS after graduation

MBBS After Completing GraduationThe smarter & convenient way

So what is the shorter way we are trying to tell you?

It fairly easy to understand. Why would anyone want to waste 2 years of their life by doing MBBS which is 6 years long? What if you can do MBBS which is only of 4 years? Let us do the maths:

Longer Route- 3 Years Graduation + 6 years MBBS= 9 years to become a doctor

Better & Smarter Route- 3 Years Graduation + 4 years MBBS= 7 years to become a doctor

By opting to do MBBS in Philippines, you can save money and time. A student who has completed graduation in India or a BS degree in abroad can get admission to the 4 years MD program in Philippines (equivalent to MBBS in India).

Therefore, you will be able to complete your MBBS faster. Not only this, you will have benefits such as less fees, less expense on accommodation and food, less visa charge.

You get admission to the 4 years MD program in Philippines and not the usual 5 to 5.5 years program because you have already completed your graduation which qualifies you to take admission to the MD course. This 4 year MD course in the Philippines is equivalent to MBBS in India.

For admission in the 4 year MD course or MBBS course after graduation, you first need to qualify NEET and NMAT.

NEET result is valid for a period of 3 years for MBBS abroad after 2018. NMAT exam happens in the Philippines in March and October. You first need to travel to the Philippines and sit for this exam. Only after that, you can apply for the MD program in the Philippines.

MBBS after graduation

MBBS after BSc Nursing

Just as explained above, you have a great chance at studying MBBS in just 4 years in case you have completed BSc Nursing in India. Please note that for getting direct admission in the 4 year MD course in the Philippines, which is equivalent to MBBS in India, you first need to qualify NEET and NMAT (which happens in the Philippines).

Once you have qualified both these exams, you can apply for admission in the Philippines. This is the shortest and best route to study MBBS after BSc Nursing.

For MBBS after BSc Nursing in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, China, etc., the duration for you will be the same as the duration for a class 12th passout. There will be no relaxation in the duration for you.

Therefore, the best country for MBBS after BSc Nursing is the Philippines.