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MBBS in PhilippinesMBBS in Philippines- Best Country for MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Philippines Review

It is the dream of every MBBS aspirant to become a successful doctor one day. However, only about 3.57% of NEET aspirants actually make it into government medical colleges in India every year. Some of those who couldn’t make it try year after year, some give up on their and their parent’s dream and take up some other course, those who can afford to pay donations take admission in private medical colleges. But are these the only options one have? Well, if you are here and reading this, then you know you have a great option and that option is to study MBBS in Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines MCI result
MBBS in Philippines MCI result

But perhaps you are not entirely convinced that studying medical in the Philippines is the best alternate you have or whether it is good enough or not. Continue reading to know why the Philippines is the best country to do your MBBS from. Between 2012-14, approximately 25% students who studied MBBS from the Philippines cleared the MCI Screening Test.

Why MBBS in Philippines?

Before you can trust what we say, we would like to show you what some of the big publications have to say about studying MBBS in Philippines. Here is what The Tribune wrote about studying MBBS in Philippines for Indian students where it ranked the Philippines as the best country to study MBBS from-

MBBS in Philippines
What The Tribune had to say about studying MBBS in Philippines.

This is what The Times of India reported about studying MBBS in abroad:

MBBS in Philippines
What Times of India said about MBBS in Philippines.

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Medical Admission in Philippines

You can see how costly it is to study in US, UK or Canada, getting admission in these countries is very tough and you will either have to study another year after completing class 12 and give exams such as MCAT (for the US) or IELTS (for the UK).

There is no direct admission in these countries and it will cost you around ₹1.5 crore to ₹3 crore in these countries to complete your MBBS. You can get direct admission for MBBS in Philippines and complete your education within ₹25 lakh.

You can take direct admission in MCI approved medical colleges in Philippines through Global Medical Foundation.

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About The PhilippinesMBBS in Philippines

The Philippines, officially the Republic of Philippines is located in Southeast Asia. It is an island nation consisting of about 7,641 islands divided into three main regions- Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila. English and Filipino are the two official languages of the Philippines.

The currency of the Philippines is Peso (PHP). As on October 1, 2016, PHP 1 = ₹1.38. The low exchange rate also ensures that the students who study in the Philippines don’t have to shell out a great amount of money.

MBBS in Philippines
The Philippines on the world map.

The Philippines is a democracy with a presidential system. The approximate area of the Philippines is 3,00,000 square kilometers and it has a population of 100 million.

The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate which is similar to the weather of Mumbai. It has three main seasons-

  • Summer season from March to May,
  • Rainy season from June to November, and
  • Winter season from December to February.

Temperatures usually range from 21 °C to 32 °C although it can get cooler or hotter depending on the season. The average yearly temperature is around 26.6 °C. The coolest month is January; the warmest is May. Because of the similarity of weather in the two countries, Indian students do not feel any problem whatsoever in adjusting to a new country. This is a major advantage over European countries where the weather goes to as low as -30 °C.

Climate data for Philippines

Daily mean °C25.325.326.127.027.326.826.526.326.327.326.025.526.31

Source: World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal (1990–2009)

Christianity is the dominant faith in the Philippines. It has a strong base of Indians permanently settled here. It has a simple literacy rate of 95.6%, with 95.1% for males and 96.1% for females.

There are daily flights going to and from between India and the Philippines. The flight time is about 10 hours from New Delhi to Manila. There is no connectivity issue between the two nations.

Who Should Study MBBS in the Philippines?MBBS in Philippines

Not everyone can study MBBS in the Philippines. Why? The answer is simple.

The Philippines education system follows Problem Based Learning. Students are expected to study at least 12 hours a day, 6-8 hours in class and 4-5 hours of self-study. Medical education in the Philippines is of a very high-level and it requires a good student who can put in hard work each day to become a doctor. Unlike other countries with sub-standard education, medical education here is for capable students only.

MBBS in Philippines = Requires 10-12 hours of daily studies

We won’t advise students with average marks in class 12 to pursue MBBS in the Philippines. Rather, they should go for countries like Russia. Remember, becoming a doctor is a privilege and it is not an easy task. One has to be hard working to be successful in this field.

MBBS Colleges in Philippines for Indian Students

Our Lady of Fatima University– Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) is the No. 1 ranked medical college in the Philippines. The Valenzuela, Manila plays host to the Fatima College of Medicine. The college has a medical centre next to its campus where the students go through clinical rotation or internship. Moreover, OLFU is the only college in the Philippines which offers clinical rotation in the USA. Click to Download Our Lady of Fatima University Fee Structure.

Take a look at Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela Campus-

AMA School of Medicine– AMA School of Medicine is one of the top-ranked medical college for MBBS in Philippines. The college campus is in Makati which is a posh area of Manila. The college gives 5 attempts to students for NMAT exam. College fee is only ₹15.22 lakh which makes it the cheapest A grade college in the Philippines. All facilities are available to students in Manila.

Take a look at the campus of AMA School of Medicine:

University of Perpetual Help– University of Perpetual Help, Las Pinas, Manila, is one the best medical college in the Philippines. The medical centre of UoPH is located within the college campus making clinical rotation an easy affair for the students. The college has a large number of Indian students already studying there.

Check out the Campus of University of Perpetual Help, Las Pinas, Manila- MBBS in Philippines

Philippines Medical Colleges FeesMBBS in Philippines- Low Cost & Affordable


What makes studying MBBS in Philippine the best option is the fact that it is highly affordable and the education quality is very high. The college fee is to be paid in yearly instalments. Therefore it is not a burden for the parents to pay a large chunk of the college fees at once. Studying MBBS in Philippine is highly affordable and is easy on the pockets. The living expenses are also low. For best medical education, you must choose the Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines- BS/MD ProgramMBBS in Philippines- BS/MD Program

The MBBS course is called BS-MD Program in the Philippines. There is no entrance exam for admission in the Philippines. Students might ask the difference between the MBBS of India and the BS-MD Program of Philippines.

The answer is that there is no difference and they are one and the same thing. The only difference is in the name. The syllabus of BS-MD Program is similar to the MBBS course taught in India. Once the student has completed his or her medical degree in the Philippines or the BS-MD Program from the Philippines and has attained the medical degree, he/she will be eligible to sit for the MCI Screening Test. Upon clearing the MCI Screening Test, the student will get the MBBS degree from the Medical Council of India. In simple words,

BS-MD Degree from Philippines / MBBS in Philippines = MBBS Degree in India

Any Indian student who has passed class 12 and wishes to study MBBS in Philippines will first enrol for the BS course. The duration of the BS course is between 2 to 3 semester or 1 to 1.5 years.

After the student has completed the BS course, he/she will be eligible to take the NMAT test and enroll for the four-year MD course. In the government medical colleges in the Philippines, it is generally compulsory to clear NMAT exam before one can get admission in MD course. However, the same is not true for the top-ranked private medical colleges, you will be enrolled for the MD course but you will have to appear again for the test until you clear it. The NMAT is an easy exam, students need not worry about it. You will be provided with study material and previous year question paper if you take admission through Global Medical Foundation. The exam is conducted twice every year. You can also download a sample paper of NMAT, Philippines and try solving it yourself.

It is to be kept in mind that this 4 year MD course is not the same MD course of India. Please don’t get confused by the nomenclature.The BS course is basically a bridge course where the studies are no tough. The real medical studies start when the student starts the MD course. You might ask why you need to study BS course. Continue reading to know the answer.The total duration of the course comes out to be between 5 or 5.5 years in the Philippines. This is less than the duration which is in most European countries or other countries. The following are the best colleges for studying MBBS in Philippines:

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MBBS in Philippines- Why BS Course?MBBS in Philippines- Why BS Course?

You might ask ‘Why do I need to do a BS course before joining the MD course?’

The answer is simple-

There is a fundamental difference in the education system of India and the Philippines. The Philippines follows a 10+4 education system where their nationals study in school till class 10 and then enrol for a 4 year BS course which is a degree course. If any Philippines national wishes to pursue medical after 14 years of education, then he/she can get admitted to the MD course. In India, the system is different. Here, the system followed is 10+2.  There is a difference of 2 years of education. Therefore, the Indian student would need to do the BS course before enrolling for MD course. If the Indian MBBS aspirant has completed B.Sc / BAMS / BHMS / Biotech, then that student will enrol directly to the MD course.

In short, an Indian student does a BS + MD course of 1-1.5 years & 4 years respectively. Total duration= 5 to 5.5 years.

The system is expected to ease out in the coming years as the Philippines is also switching over to 10+2 system.

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MBBS in Philippines- What if I have completed Graduation?MBBS in Philippines- What if I have completed Graduation?

What if you have already completed or you are in the process of completing your graduation such as B.Sc / BAMS / BHMS / Biotech and you want to do MBBS? Then studying MBBS in Philippines is the best option for you. Unlike students who have completed class 12 and have to study BS course first, you will directly enrol for the MD course. Therefore the duration for you will be 4 years. This will mean that you will save money which would otherwise have been spent on accommodation, food etc.

After Graduation (B.Sc / BAMS / BHMS / Biotech) – Admission in 4 years MD course

MBBS in Philippines- Scholarship OpportunityMBBS in Philippines- Best Opportunity

Not many foreign countries provide scholarships to Indian or foreign students for medical studies. However, scholarship opportunity is available for students who opt to study medical in the Philippines. The top ten students from each section or class in the first year or BS course will get scholarship.

Guaranteed Admission for MBBS in Philippines

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MBBS in Philippines- MCI Screening Test ResultMBBS in Philippines- MCI Screening Test Result

Students who study MBBS in the Philippines perform better in the MCI Screening Test as compared to other countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, and Nepal. This is because the medical education in the Philippines is of a very high standard. It follows the American pattern of teaching.

The MCI Screening Test Passing Percentage is about 25% (2012-14).

Many students fear the screening test saying that less number of students are able to pass the MCI Screening Test. However, the percentage of students who get admission in India is lower than the percentage of students passing the MCI Screening Test.

Only about 3.57% students make it to government medical colleges in India whereas about 25% students who study MBBS in the Philippines become a doctor in India.

Students will be provided with MCI Screening Test coaching and study material. If a student studies well and works hard, there is no reason why he/she will not be able to clear the MCI Screening Test.

Generally, the students who have the attitude of ‘take it for granted’ and who do not study end up failing the screening test. Many students do not take their education seriously and spend more time enjoying the newly found freedom when they move abroad. Such students find it difficult to clear the exam.

Any student who works hard and study regularly will not have any problem clearing the screening test.

Here is what the student should tell himself daily and work hard to achieve his/her goals:

  • I am here to study and I need to work hard each day.
  • My parents have spent so much money to get me till here, now it is up to me to fulfil my and my parent’s dreams and I need to work hard for that.
  • I need to approach senior students as they are the best guide.
  • I will be good to all and not get into any bad habits.

MBBS in Philippines- Facilities for the StudentsMBBS in Philippines- Great Facilities For Students

  • Separate hostel facilities is available for both boys and girls.
  • Accommodation facilities are of high standard.
  • The choice is available to students to choose where they want to stay.
  • A large number of Indian students already studying in the Philippines, they help new students to adjust and settle down.
  • Availability of Indian Food- veg and non-veg.
  • Libraries with a huge number of books within the campus and hostels as well.
  • Well Equipped Laboratories.
  • Computer centres with Wi-Fi.

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MBBS in Philippines- Eligibility CriteriaStudy MBBS in Philippines- Am I Eligible to Study MBB in Philippines?

Eligibility Criteria- MBBS in Philippines
Eligibility Criteria- MBBS in Philippines

The eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in Philippines is fairly simple and straightforward.

For undergraduate medical program BS-MD (equivalent to MBBS in India):

After class XII or Higher Senior Secondary

A minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The student must have passed all subjects and English is a compulsory subject.

For students belonging to SC/ST or OBC- A minimum aggregate of 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The student must have passed all subjects and English is a compulsory subject.

All students who wish to study MBBS in any country in abroad have to qualify NEET from 2018 onwards to obtain NOC for screening/licensing exam.

There is no entrance exam for admission in the Philippines. For enquiry about admission process or to take admission for studying MBBS in abroad, please contact Global Medical Foundation. These are the best medical colleges in the Philippines-

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MBBS in Philippines- AdvantagesMBBS in Philippines- Let us see why studying MBBS in Philippines is better than studying MBBS from any other country!

1) No Language Problem for MBBS in Philippines

MBBS from Other Conuntry

MBBS in Philippines

This is what will happen in other countries than the Philippines. Since the local language is not English, you will face lots of problems. It will be difficult for you to interact with the locals including shopkeepers, etc. Moreover, you will have to learn the local language so that you can communicate with the patients during your internship.

MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines

You won’t face any language related problem if you choose to study medical in the Philippines. The sign boards will be in English, restaurant menu will be in English, books, newspapers, etc, everything will be in the English language. You won’t face any problem. The teaching will be in English medium. It is not the case of European countries. Language is a major problem there and it is compulsory to learn a new language there. But not for MBBS in the Philippines.

2) Direct Admission, Low Fees and No Donation for MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines

3) MBBS in Philippines- Fees paid in Yearly InstalmentsStudy MBBS in Philippines Most Affordable

Name of College1st Year (in ₹)2nd Year (in ₹)3rd Year (in ₹)4th Year (in ₹)5th Year (in ₹)Total (in ₹)
AMA School of Medicine- Makati Campus3,90,0003,25,0003,25,0001,95,0001,30,00013,65,000
University of Perpetual Help3,90,0005,85,0003,90,0001,95,0001,95,00017,55,000
Our Lady of Fatima University6,50,0003,90,0003,90,0003,90,0003,90,00022,10,000

The fees can be paid in affordable yearly instalments, this is not the case for every country where about 40% of the fees is taken at once. The fee payment structure in the Philippines for studying medical reduces the financial burden on the students and their parents.

FAQ for studying MBBS in the Philippines

Can a student appear for USMLE exam?

Yes, graduates are eligible for appearing in the USMLE exam.

Can a student avail educational loan? If yes, then what is the procedure?

Yes, education loans facility is available at all nationalised and scheduled banks. The student has to apply for the educational loan directly to the bank. Global Medical Foundation will assist the student in procuring the loan by providing all necessary documents required from the college/university.

MBBS in Philippines Duration?

The total duration of the BS-MD (MBBS) course in the Philippines is 5 to 5 ½ years for students who have completed class 12. The first 12 to 16 months is the Bachelor of Science (BS) course which focuses on building a strong medical foundation followed by the 4 year MD program. Students who have done graduation in India directly get admission in the MD course.

Can I practice medicine on my return to India?

Yes, after successfully passing the MCI Screening Test and Internship, the student is eligible to register with MCI and State Medical Council and can practice in India.

How can I get the eligibility certificate from MCI?

Global Medical Foundation will assist you in procuring the eligibility certificate from MCI.

What is the eligibility for applying?

12th standard passed with minimum 50% in, Physics, Chemistry & Biology subjects and pass in English. And if the student belongs to a reserved category, then a score of 40% in Physics, Chemistry & Biology is sufficient. Eligibility Certificate of the Medical Council of India is required before joining the MD course, for which Global Medical Foundation will assist its students.

What is the medium of education?

All studies will be in English medium.

Do I need to learn a new language?

No, unlike Russia, China and Ukraine, you don’t have to learn a new language for studying MBBS in the Philippines.

Are there any hidden cost?

No, there are no hidden costs. You will be informed about every expense at the time of counselling by Global Medical Foundation.

Have any doubt? Want to ask something? Provide your contact information and our counsellor will call you shortly.

MBBS in Philippines ReviewMBBS in Philippines Review- Why Choose the Philippines?

Low Tuition Fees

Studying MBBS in Philippines is the cheapest and best option. The college fee starts from as low as₹9.5 lakh for 5.5 years. It is way cheaper than other countries. It is better than studying MBBS in Europe as you don’t have to learn a new language. The college fees will be paid in yearly instalments. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the entire fees at once.

No Donation

Apart from the low fee structure, there will be no donation for studying medical in the Philippines which is not the case for Indian private colleges. You will be able to complete your MBBS degree from the Philippines at a cost which would be almost half of the donation you would pay for admission in a private college in India.

MCI and WHO approved Medical Universities

All Medical Universities in the Philippines where we provide admission in are recognised by MCI and WHO. This means that after completing your degree, you will be eligible to practice in India or any other country subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

No Need to Learn a New Language

One of the biggest advantages of studying medical in the Philippines is that you don’t have to learn a new language. English is an official language in the Philippines and 95% of the population speaks English. Therefore, unlike most other countries, you don’t have to learn any new language. You can focus all your energy and time on studying what you went to study- MBBS.

Advance Academic Curriculum

The structure of the MBBS course in the Philippines is based on the latest and updated trends, findings and the most advanced curriculum present currently in the world. This means that the students are fed with the best and latest knowledge which benefits them in their career ahead. They will acquire the latest technology and medicinal know-how upon the completion of your degree.

American Pattern of MBBS in Philippines

We know that the USA is a developed country and has a very high standard of education and medical system. The medical course of Philippines is patterned on the education system of USA. This gives a strong advantage to medical professionals who complete their medical education from the Philippines. Indian students get to learn more than what they would learn in India. It is to be noted that Philippines has a very high percentage of students who pass the MCI Screening Test.

Admission in the Top Ranked Universities in Philippines

Global Medical Foundation will help you get admission in the top ranked Universities for studying MBBS in Philippines. These include both government and private medical colleges in the Philippines. Studying in the best MBBS colleges in the Philippines ensures that you learn from the best and get the perfect exposure to become a doctor.

Medium of Instruction is English

The medium communication will be English. Teachers/lecturers will be adept in the language so as to facilitate learning. Students need not learn the local language which is not the case for Russia or Ukraine where the student has to learn the local language.

Global Job Opportunities

The degree you will get after completing MBBS in Philippines is recognized all over the world. You can practice anywhere in the world after completing your studies and complying with the eligibility criteria of the country of your choice where you wish to practice. This includes India and US. Philippines sends the highest number of doctors and nurses to the US. This is because of the American pattern of education. Study medical in the Philippines is perfect for those who wish to study or practice in the US.

Guidance for MCI Screening Test

Students taking admission through Global Medical Foundation will be provided with guidance for the various screening tests such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) screening test, also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), etc.

MCI Screening Test Passing Percentage

In the three years between 2012-14, about 25% students who studied MBBS in Philippines cleared the MCI Screening Test. This is higher than countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Nepal for the same period. This shows that the Philippines is better than other countries.

Indian Food Available

With so many students studying MBBS from the Philippines, Indian food- veg and non-veg are easily available for the students. There are may restaurants providing Indian food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Students will be served Indian food in college hostel and mess. There is no problem in terms of Indian food in the Philippines.

Low Fees and Cost of Living

Another advantage of studying MBBS in the Philippines is that the cost of living is also low and affordable. This helps to lower the cost significantly for the student. A student will be able to get good accommodation+food at just ₹10,000 per month.

Clinical Rotation and Practicals

In the final year, the students will go to hospitals which are affiliated with the University to practice. They will practice on live patients. Since English is the local language in the Philippines, students do not have to learn a new language to talk with the patients. The MBBS course in the Philippines focuses on practicals so that students can develop their practical skills.

Students are highly Safe and Secure

The Philippines is a democratic country like India. There is political, economic and personal safety in the Philippines. The students will be safe and secure. There is no discrimination in the Philippines. People are welcoming. The majority of the population are Christians in the Philippines.

Comfortable Weather

Weather in the Philippines is similar to that in India, making them the ideal destination for studying MBBS. Summer is from March to May, Monsoon season from June to October and cool weather from November to February in the Philippines. Students find it difficult to settle down in European countries as the weather there goes as low as -25° C.

No Entrance Test

There is no exam/test for getting admission for studying MBBS in Philippines. You only need to meet the eligibility criteria for getting admission.

Why Global Medical Foundation?

Global Medical Foundation has its own office in the Philippines. Our representative will pick up students from the airport and help them till they adjust well, which includes helping the student find a PG/flat. Our representative live there permanently and help students out whenever the need arise. We send regular updates to the parents about the performance and behaviour of the students.

Have any doubt? Want to ask something? Provide your contact information and our counsellor will call you shortly.

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MBBS in Philippines Fee StructureMBBS in Philippines Fee Structure

To summarise, studying MBBS in the Philippines is the best destination for any student who wishes to study the coveted degree from outside of India.

You will get Direct Admission without any donation in Top Ranked Universities in the Philippines. The low fee structure and medical in the Philippines is one of the cheapest options for doing MBBS from outside of India. The quality of education is very high and the MCI Screening Test result shows that Philippines is indeed the best country for doing MBBS for Indian students.

Have any doubt? Want to ask something? Provide your contact information and our counsellor will call you shortly.

MBBS in Philippines Fees Structure DownloadMBBS in Philippines Detailed & In-Depth Fee Structure- Download

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Why is MBBS in Philippines better than medical in any other country?MBBS in Philippines Review


1. ENGLISH ADVANTAGE: Biggest advantage of studying MBBS in Philippines is English. Just as Indians are educated in English as India was a colony of UK; Philippines-was a US colony.

English is the official language in the Philippines. The school education is in English from class 1 – like in India a/ No new language is needed to be learnt. Time is spent on medical education and not on language.

94% of the population speak English. Students converse with patients fluently – unlike in non-English speaking countries.

Better learning for students. Teachers speak good English and can explain well to Students – no communication problems.


1. Local Language is not English: Students from India going to China, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and other non-English speaking countries need to learn the local language in order to talk to patients & locals.

Need to pass a competency test in the local language – Chinese or Russian.

Time spent in studying the local language is a waste as you should just be focusing on your medical studies. Difficult to understand what patients say.

Teachers know Chinese or Russian. They are NOT fluent in English & cannot explain subject properly.

2. US & International Job Advantage: Philippines is the largest supplier of trained nurses & doctors to USA & several other countries.

Strong culture of giving USMLE & going to the US to practice. Universities are listed in California Board of Medicine for licensing. Another advantage to the Philippines.

Alumni work in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Gulf etc. Good for networking and linkages for jobs.

2. Little International Exposure:

There is no culture of going overseas for jobs in China, Russia or Ukraine.

Few students from these Countries go overseas for medical jobs – no strong alumni base or linkages.

3. Superior Quality Education: Teachers are all fluent in English. Some Teachers are US educated and can offer guidance and advice on overseas careers. High standard of education compared to non-English speaking countries.

3. Poor Quality of Education: Teacher’s native language is Chinese or Russian. They teach in badly accented English. Local Teachers are not good guides for overseas careers due to limited exposure. No gearing for USMLE. Overall education standards are lower when compared to MBBS in Philippines.

4. TROPICAL COUNTRY: The Philippines a tropical country. Diseases common to India are found in the Philippines. Ease of Living – similar temperature to India.

4. Temperate countries with snow: Students do not get clinical exposure to tropical medicine. In winter there is snow fall and the temperature falls to – 20 degrees.

5. MANY PATIENTS: During hospital work, medical students get good exposure with many patients in the Philippines.

5. Limited Access to Patients & Language Barrier: Due to custom & language barrier students have limited access to patients.

6. LOW FEES AND DURATION: Fees is low. It takes only 4 years and 10 months to complete. Very affordable education for MBBS in Philippines.

6. High Fees: China / Russia is more expensive and takes longer to complete from 5 to 6 years so the cost of living is more.

7. CLINICAL ROTATION IN USA Possible: Clinical rotations in the USA are counted in your grade. Exposure from US Hospital helps in jobs in the USA after USMLE. University helps you arrange for clerkship or you can arrange yourself in the USA.

7. No facility of clinical rotations overseas: Teachers in China, Russia & Ukraine have limited exposure to the USA and cannot guide you in this matter.

MBBS in Philippines
Here is what a famous publication had to say about MBBS in Russia & China.

Here is what the Indian Embassy in Russia warned the students about studying medicine there.

Why study in some other language when you can study in English. You will have to focus your time and energy on learning to write and speak a new language rather than study medicine. However, if paying around ₹20 lakh including every expense is not possible for you then you should go for Russia. Even though it has its disadvantages, but you should study there if you have a low budget. If you wish to study without compromising on food, climate and language and want the best education, then study MBBS in Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines
Indian Embassy warning about MBBS in Russia.

Want to study MBBS in Philippines? Provide your contact information and our counsellor will call you shortly.