How to apply for MBBS in Ukraine

How to apply for MBBS in Ukraine? Below, we are mentioning the steps you need to follow for getting admission in Ukraine MBBS course. You can ignore the steps you have already taken:

  1. Check the complete details about MBBS in Ukraine.
  2. Know that you are eligible – MBBS in Ukraine eligibility for Indian students
  3. Select the university which fits your pocket – Check MBBS in Ukraine Fees
  4. In case you are confused about which university is best, get in touch with Global Medical Foundation’s owners Pradeep Jayaswal ( 9899065852 ) or Shobhit Jayaswal ( 9999404348 ).
  5. Once the university is finaslised, following will be the admission process:
An infographic showing MBBS in Ukraine Admission Process
An infographic showing MBBS in Ukraine Admission Process

Now you know how to apply for MBBS in Ukraine. There are still a lot of things you need to take care of:

  • Check that the university is MCI recognised.
  • Your admission letter and invitation letter should be of the university you intend to take admission in.
  • You should not pay university or hostel fees to the agents
  • There are a lot of fake websites of the universities in Ukraine which are made by agents in India. You should make sure that you find the correct website.