Is Ukraine’s MBBS degree more valuable than Kyrgyzstan's?

Is Ukraine’s MBBS degree more valuable than Kyrgyzstan’s?

Is Ukraine’s MBBS degree more valuable than Kyrgyzstan’s? A lot of students who think about studying MBBS abroad generally ask us this question: ‘Is doing MBBS from this country better than doing MBBS from that country?’ You have stumbled on the same question? Right?

Basically, what students are asking us is whether the degree from one country more valuable than the degree of some other country? Is doing MBBS from Ukraine going to get you a higher paying job than doing MBBS from Kyrgyzstan?

In this article, we will discuss whether the degree of Ukraine more valuable than the degree a student will get from Kyrgyzstan?

Here is the answer to this question in one word: NO!


After completing MBBS from both Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, and coming back to India, you will have to clear the same exam. Therefore, the value is same. Also, the starting salary that you will get, whether you graduate from a medical college/university in Ukraine or Kyrgyzstan or any other country will be the same.

So, does this mean that the quality of education same in both the countries?

In recent years, students from Kyrgyzstan have not performed well in the screening test. However, clearing the screening test is down to the hard work of the student. If you are hardworking, you will clear the screening test, regardless of the country.

mbbs in ukraine vs mbbs in kyrgyzstan

Why choose Kyrgyzstan over Ukraine?

Doing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a popular option and more than 10,000 Indian students are already studying there. Kyrgyzstan is one of the top 5 countries in terms of the number of Indian students doing MBBS in a country abroad. One reason why it is so popular is the duration is of 5 years. All universities in Kyrgyzstan offers a 5-year MBBS course which saves 1 year in case a student chooses Russia or Ukraine.

The other and more important reason is the low fees and a better exchange rate of Indian Rupees and Kyrgyzstan Som (the currency there). The complete budget including fees + hostel + mess is less than₹17 lakh total. That’s right, you can do MBBS from abroad, live there and eat there for 5 years and it will still be less than one year of fees demanded by a private medical college in India! The universities are MCI and WHO recognised which means you can sit for FMGE/NEXT and USMLE. Also, the budget for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is the lowest amongst all the countries.

mbbs in ukraine vs mbbs in kyrgyzstan

Why choose Ukraine over Kyrgyzstan?

Between 2012-13 to 2016-17, about 6,800 Indian students have graduated from Ukraine and came back to India. This is the 3rd highest amongst all the countries. Indian students have been going to Ukraine for more than 20-30 years now for medical studies. Ukraine is more developed than Kyrgyzstan and offers a 6-year medical course. Most of the universities are about 100-200 years old and are public/government universities. Ukraine has one of the best FMGE passing percentages. The universities are well equipped with all the facilities to educate the students in the best way possible.

If you have a budget of ₹22-25 lakh total, including fees + hostel + mess, then Ukraine is the best option for you. The medium of instruction is English and every university has hostel and mess for students. Not only Indian students but students from all over the world come to study medicine in Ukraine. The universities are MCI and WHO recognised which means you can sit for FMGE/NEXT and USMLE.

The Verdict:

The passing percentage of students from Ukraine is higher than that of Kyrgyzstan. If you can afford ₹22-25, then Ukraine is the best choice.
If your budget is within ₹20 lakh then Kyrgyzstan is a fantastic choice. Also, the duration is less for Kyrgyzstan.

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