Can students get admission for MBBS abroad without NEET qualification?

Can students get admission for MBBS abroad without NEET qualification?

The crux of the matter:

Recently, it is rumoured that Indian students can get admission in abroad without NEET and many agents/consultants have started to take admission by fooling the students, taking an advantage of these rumours. However, this rule has not come out, yet.

A petition has been filed at the High Court of Delhi and the result is awaited. The next hearing is scheduled soon and there is a strong chance that the students will be allowed to go abroad without the requirement of NEET. Nothing is official yet. Till it becomes official, don’t take admission in abroad as it is illegal as of today- 04/09/2018. Check out this video to know about the rumours and the truth behind them:

For now, the students cannot get admission in a medicine course abroad if he or she has not qualified NEET, however, this might change soon. This change will benefit thousands of students. There are very few seats in India and the cost is going up every year. Studying MBBS abroad helps the students who are not having deep pockets. This change will help students save one year which would have been wasted on another NEET attempt.

What should I do for now?

You have to wait for the judgement. We suggest you do some research about the university you wish to study in and apply for your passport. Here are some useful links:

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MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Bangladesh

When is the next hearing?

The next hearing is scheduled to happen soon and a decision is expected in next 10 days.

How to keep myself up-to-date?

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Update on 8th September:


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