Ukraine MBBS 1st Year Syllabus

Ukraine MBBS 1st Year Syllabus
Ukraine MBBS 1st Year Syllabus

Before you choose to study MBBS in Ukraine, it is essential to know what all subjects will be covered and in which order. There are a lot of similarities in the MBBS syllabus or curriculum of Indian and Ukraine. However, it is a must to know the Ukraine MBBS 1st year syllabus. Infact, as a bonus, we will give out the entire syllabus you will be taught in Ukraine in a year-wise breakdown.

The syllabus will vary a bit from university to university with regards to non-medical or non-essential subjects.

Ukraine MBBS 1st year syllabus

In the 1st year of MBBS in Ukraine, you will be taught the following subjects:

  • Foreign Language
  • Latin Language and Medical Terminology
  • Ukrainian Language (for professional purposes)
  • History of Ukraine, History of Ukrainian Culture
  • Histology, Cytology, Embryology
  • History of Medicine
  • Medical Biology
  • Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Medical Chemistry
  • Human Anatomy
  • Elective course
  • Physical Training

Recommended Books for 1st Year MBBS in Ukraine –

For Anatomy:

  • Neuroanatomy written by Vishram Singh.
  • Gross Anatomy – Snell Clinical Anatomy, B.D. Chaurasia or you can also use your college textbook.
  • Embryology – Inderbir Singh or college book.
  • Netter’s ATLAS

For Histology:

  • College Textbook.
  • Textbook by Inderbir Singh.

Best Biochemistry:

  • Textbook by Satyanarayan.

MBBS in Ukraine Fees-

Universities1st year Fees (Including Hostel and other charges) in US $1st year Fees (Including Hostel and other charges) in ₹Fees per year (2nd - 6th Year) in US $Fees per year (2nd - 6th Year) in ₹2nd-6th year Hostel in US $2nd-6th year Hostel in ₹Total Course Cost with Hostel in US $Total Course Cost with Hostel in ₹
Bukovinian State Medical UniversityUS $ 6,950₹ 4,72,600US $ 3,900₹2,65,200US $ 430x5=US $ 2,150₹1,46,200US $ 28,600₹19,44,000
Kyiv Medical UniversityUS $ 7,300₹4,96,400US $ 3,500₹2,38,000US $ 1,000x5=US $ 5,000₹3,40,000US $ 29,800₹20,26,400
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,300₹4,96,400US $ 4,000₹2,72,000US $ 1,000x5=US $ 5,000₹3,40,000US $ 32,300₹21,96,400
Ternopil State Medical University US $ 6,800₹4,62,400US $ 4,300 (Fees different every year from 2nd year onwards)₹2,92,400 (Fees different every year from 2nd year onwards)US $ 800x5= US $ 4,000₹2,72,000US $ 32,800₹22,30,400
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,800₹5,30,400US $ 4,500₹3,06,000US $ 800x5= US $ 4,000₹2,72,000US $ 34,300₹23,32,400
Poltava State Medical University US $ 7,500₹ 5,10,000US $ 4,000 (2nd Year). US $ 4,800 (3rd year onwards).₹2,72,000 (2nd Year). ₹3,26,400 (3rd year onwards).US $ 1,000x5=US $ 5,000₹3,40,000US $ 34,900₹23,73,200
Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityUS $ 8,000₹5,44,000US $ 5,000₹3,40,000US $ 500x5= US $ 2,500₹1,70,000US $ 35,500₹24,14,000
Bogomolets National Medical University US $ 8,500₹5,78,000US $ 4,500₹3,06,000US $ 1,000x5= US $ 5,000₹3,40,000US $ 36,000₹24,48,000
Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUS $ 8,200₹5,57,600US $ 4,800₹3,26,400US $ 800x5= US $ 4,000₹2,72,000US $ 36,200₹24,61,600
Lviv National Medical University US $ 8,000₹5,44,000US $ 4,900₹3,33,200US $ 1,000x5=US $ 5,000₹3,40,000US $ 37,500₹25,50,000
Odessa National Medical University (Not in MCI list in 2019)US $ 8,100₹5,50,800US $ 4,370 (Fees increase every year from 2nd year onwards)₹2,97,160... (Fees increase every year from 2nd year onwards)US $ 1,100x5= US $ 5,500₹3,74,000US $ 39,300₹26,72,400


  • US $ 1=₹68 has been used for calculation of fees in the table above. Please use the current exchange rate. Fees will be payable as per the exchange rate at the time of payment of the fees.
  • There will be no increase in the tuition fee once the student has enrolled.
  • The fees for MBBS in Ukraine is payable directly to the university once the student reaches Ukraine.
  • 1st-year expenses include College tuition fees, 1st-year hostel fees, other one-time expenses payable only in the 1st-year to the University.

Other expenses:

  • Admission, registration and Visa processing charges payable in India.
  • Food expenses approximately US $ 1,000-1,200 per year.