MBBS in Russia- Direct Admission with Low Fee in Best MBBS Colleges

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia has historically been a popular choice for Indian students. About 5,000 Indian students are currently studying medicine in Russia in about 20 universities spread over the country. All the Russian medical institutions listed under the WHO list are recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI). 

With MBBS in Russia being one of the cheapest options available, Indian students prefer it as their favourite destination. The medical study from Russia is considered as one of the most advanced in the world and uses the latest and up-to-date methods and techniques of teaching.  

MBBS in Russia focuses on the all-round development of students knowledge and extensive development of the student in his/her chosen field of specialisation. The medical study in Russia is among the best in the world with the student’s performance and progress measured against several parameters. The student can be assured that he will be a successful doctor upon his return to India provided he/she works hard and gives their 101% efforts. MBBS in Russia is already being pursued by thousands of Indian students who are attracted by the prospect of a high quality of education together with the low cost of living and tuition fees.

The academic session or academic year in Russia starts in September and follows the semester, just like that followed in India. The first semester starts in September and continues till January. The second semester starts in February and continues till June. The month of January and June constitutes the odd and even semester examination respectively.

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MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

  • The age of the candidate should not be more than 27 years as on 1st of September of the year in which the candidate is taking admission.
  • The candidate must have obtained an aggregate of at least 50% aggregate marks in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12. As per the requirement of the Medical Council of India (MCI), for MBBS in abroad, all reserved category students (SC/ST & OBC) having an aggregate of 40% aggregate marks in the same subjects as mentioned above can also apply.
  • The student must also qualify NEET exam.
DEGREE AWARDEDThe degree awarded after MBBS in Russia would be the M.D (Physician), which is equivalent to the M.B.B.S degree in India. The degree M.D (Physician) should not be confused as a post graduate qualification.

Admission Duration for MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

The admission for MBBS in Russia closes in August. The seats in most of the top colleges and also the colleges where the package/fees is low gets filled up by mid June. We advice students to take admission as soon as possible if you want a low package college as these fill up first. The academic session for Russian medical universities starts in September. The admission process takes up to 1.5 months depending on the availability of passport with the student. Please call on 9899065852 for direct admission for Russian universities.

Eligibility for MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

► An Indian who wishes to study MBBS in Russia must have completed his/her class XII in Science having scored a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If the student belongs to any reserved category such as SC/ST or OBC, then he/she is eligible for admission in Russia with a 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These are as per the guidelines of the Medical Council of India. Any student having any confusion/doubt is requested to contact Global Medical Foundation to get their doubts resolved. If your score is below the above prescribed eligibility criteria, then please reappear for the exams and try to meet to eligibility criteria.

► No entrance exam or test is required for securing admission for MBBS in Russia.

► Global Medical Foundation will provide complete assistance to every student who wished to study MBBS from Russia including guidance, admission assistance, Visa processing process and every other formality required to be completed to secure admission for MBBS in Russia .

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Advantages of MBBS in Russia

Low Cost of Medical Education– Apart from the fact that Russia has been the preferred destination for MBBS aspirants from India for a number of years now, the biggest factor for such a large number of students wanting to do their MBBS in Russia is the low cost of education which guarantees quality. The low cost of fees offered by the universities/colleges can be completed with by a few countries only. The number of medical colleges who have opened their doors for Indian students is high and each college has a good number of seats available with them. The student can study MBBS in Russia for a cost as low as ₹2.5-3 Lakh per year which is a great return on investment.

Globally Recognized Degree– The MBBS degree a student will get after completing his/her MBBS in Russia will be globally recognized and accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO making the students eligible to practice the medical profession in any country they wish to, subject to fulfilment and complying with the eligibility criteria of the respective country.

MCI Training– Students are trained for the MCI Screening Test so that they can practice in India and there is no additional cost for this training for students who take admission through Global Medical Foundation.

No Language Problem– The medical course is taught in English and the student will also be taught the Russian language so that they can converse with the local patients during their clinical internships. This gives the students an international exposure which they would otherwise lack and also instils a sense of professionalism which is imperative in the practice and discharge of this high sought after profession. During the final three years, experienced doctors and surgeons already working in hospitals will act as teachers and start to work with the students. The students get on the job training and exposure which is very valuable. Students get the right guidance and are the taught the all-important work ethic which they need to follow in order to be successful as a doctor. This lays down a strong foundation or base for each student.

Other Screening Test Coaching– Every student will receive coaching for the MCI screening test. If the student wishes to practice in the US, then he/she is also coached for the USMLE examination in advance.

Hostel Facility– The hostels are centrally heated, there will be no problem to the students during the winter season. Hot water will be available to the students.

Low-Class Strength– The strength of the batch is between 12-15 students. Every student gets individual attention of the teachers. All the students will be Indian in the class.

Practice in Russia– After graduating, the student can start practising in Russia without the need to sit for any licensing exam.

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Medium of Instruction

The medium of education in Russian institutions is mostly in the local language, i.e., Russian.

Colleges need a special license to teach in English. Many of the institutions have started English medium courses in medical education for foreign students, without any such license.

In practice, they try to teach first three years in English medium, while simultaneously teaching the Russian language. From the fourth year, the students are expected to study in the Russian language. Students must be prepared for this dual medium of instruction. Some institutions, which have introduced such dual medium courses, are not fully equipped to teach in English even for the first three years.

Students may insist on seeing Russian Ministry of Education license for teaching in English medium. Students passed from recognized medical institutions, in either medium of instruction, are eligible for appearing in the Screening Test conducted by the Medical Council of India.

Availability of Seats for MBBS in Russia

The number of seats are limited for each college and the demand is high for MBBS in Russia. Students are requested to make up their mind for Russia as soon as possible for the top most ranked colleges of Russia as the seats there fill up fast. Contact Global Medical Foundation today to know about the seat availability, fee structure and take admission in any college you want in Russia.

6 Amazing Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia!

MBBS in Russia

Russian universities follow the best selection process. Unlike other countries of Europe and US, Russia has made its selection process very easy for Indian MBBS aspirants.

MBBS in Russia

Russian medical universities record a very high acceptance rate. The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia is kept low so that students get a chance to prove their caliber and take admission with ease. 

MBBS in Russia

Unlike USA and UK, admission for MBBS  Russia does not require a student to sit for any exam such as SAT or IELTS. But the student should have scored good passing marks in class 12 exams to study in Russia.

MBBS in Russia

Another major benefit of studying MBBS in Russian universities is that Russia has a special preparatory course for all the foreign (especially Indian) students. The course enables the students prepare for taking the medical class in Russia.This includes language training in Russian and revision of previous knowledge so that the student can easily interact with the local patients during their on the job training. 

MBBS in Russia

No Racism in Russia, No Religious issues!There is no racism or religious issues in Russia. The student will never be treated badly in Russia. Russia is known to be the most welcoming country. They are deeply attached with social and moral values and respect foreigners as their own family.

MBBS in Russia

MBBS is the most expensive course in other regions of Europe and America. But Russia offers best medical qualifications at very low cost fees structure for MBBS. The Russian MBBS degrees are recognized all across the world. They stand top in the UNESCO and WHO rating. Among the top 100 medical universities of the world, 30 medical universities are Russians! The degree is recognized by the Medical Council of India. 

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure:

Name of the UniversityCityEstablished1st Year Fee in US $ (Including Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees & Medical Insurance Fees)2nd - 6th Year Fee / Year in US $ (Including Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees & Medical Insurance Fees)Total Fee in USD (Including Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees & Medical Insurance Fees)
Bashkir State Medical UniversityUfa19095,500 (₹ 3,53,650)2,80019,500 (₹ 12,53,850)
Mari State UniversityYoshkar-Ola19325,000 (₹ 3,21,500)3,00020,000 (₹ 12,86,000)
Perm State Medical UniversityPerm19165,000 (₹ 3,21,500)4,00025,000 (₹ 16,07,500)
Crimea State Medical UniversitySimferopol19315,500 (₹ 3,53,650)4,50028,000 (₹ 18,00,400)
Orel State Medical UniversityOrel19316,000 (₹ 3,85,800)5,00031,000 (₹ 19,93,300)
Kazan State Medical UniversityKazan19306,500 (₹ 4,17,950)5,40033,500 (₹ 21,54,050)
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical UniversityMoscow19309,000 (₹ 5,78,700)8,00049,000 (₹ 31,50,700)
Volgograd State Medical UniversityVolgograd19356,200 (₹ 3,98,660)6,00036,200 (₹ 23,27,660)
Orenburg State Medical UniversityOrenburg19446,000 (₹ 3,85,800)6,00036,000 (₹ 23,14,800)

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